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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Outcasts 1523 Blair

The Outcasts were from the San Antonio area and were active from 1964 to 1967. They are the best known of at least ten bands sharing that name. These Outcasts were widely considered one of the best groups in the State of Texas.They were Texas State Battle of the Bands winners in 1966. This is truly an amazing feat during that peak year of garage rock fervor, considering the large number of superb bands that were active in Texas then.

Original members of the group were, Buddy Carson (Keyboards, harmonica), Rickey Wright (drums), and Denny Turner (guitar). Jim Carsten (guitar) and Jim Ryan (Bass) were added in late 1964. This was the nucleus of the group and played on all the recordings except for 1523 Blair and Smokestack Lightning II, which added Galen Niles replacing Denny Turner on guitar.

This monster, 1523 Blair, gets its' title from the address of the studio in Houston where it was recorded. Although it received regional acclaim, this psychedelic tour-de-force wasn't a hit at the time. It has gone on to receive wide critical acclaim and is now considered a Cornerstone Song of the Texas Psych genre. 1523 Blair is Texas psychedelia at its finest.

Drug and alcohol problems also contributed to the Outcasts calling it quits in 1968.

Comps that 1523 Blair is on:

1. Mayhem & Psychosis, Volume 2 (LP)
2. Teenage Shutdown, Volume 4 (LP and CD)
3. Songs We Taught The Fuzztones (LP and CD)
4. Texas Punk Groups From The Sixties, Volume 1 (LP)
5. Acid Dreams, Volume 1 (LP)
6. Acid Dreams Testament (CD)
7. The Complete Acid Dreams (box set)
8. Sixties Archives, Volume 2 (CD)
9. Ya Gotta Have Moxie!, Volume 1 (CD)

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