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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

George Kinney Kohoutek - Richmond, Virginia, July 14, 2010

George Kinney Kohoutek

Check out this video of George Kinney backed by psych band – Kohoutek. They are jamming in Richmond, Virginia, July 14, 2010. This footage was filmed by Chris L. Childrey and (I think) features a full set.

The George Kinney Kohoutek match is a good one. George seems to have increased the tempo of some of his more country solo work to accommodate the psych-orientated Kohoutek. It works.

Speaking before the gig, George was quoted as saying:

"The psychedelic sound of the 1960s was a state of mind that reflected the time and place in which it occurred and cannot be imitated with much success today," says Kinney.

"It's like Plato's idea that most of our existence is just a picture of a picture ... far removed from essence. I try hard to capture the essence of my life and express that in my music."

Scott Verrastro, of Kohoutek, said:

"What we're attempting to do as George's backing band is present some of those songs in a modern context," says Scott Verrastro, Kohoutek's core member and percussionist. He says the group also plans to pull from Kinney's current solo songbook.

"George refuses to be a nostalgia act and we respect him for it," says Verrastro. However, he adds, "George isn't really interested in spontaneous composition either," meaning the group will have to temporarily scale back its usual space travel and forays into free jazz."

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