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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13th Floor Elevators Avalon Proof Sheet

13th Floor Elevators Avalon

Check out this 13th Floor Elevators Avalon proof sheet. This is pretty sick! The poster is by Rick Griffin with photos by Herb Greene. It's part of a triad of posters promoting three sets of gigs at the Avalon by the Charlatans: May 26, 1967 - May 28, 1967, June 22, 1967 - June 25, 1967, July 13, 1967 - July 16, 1967. The 'Elevators were billed on the Jun 22, 1967 - Jun 25, 1967 gigs and were unable to appear; being caught up in their legal problems in the Great State of Texas at that time.

The first printing of this poster was produced before the concert. On the left side it is trimmed along the thin white border, omitting the brown left margin of the reprint. It is on a beige stock, and the brown background ranges from light to dark. It measures 13 9/16" x 21 11/16". This proof sheet is really "one of a kind" and measures 28.5" x 22.5".

My quibbles about this poster are that the 'Elevators didn't even appear at this gig. What's more, it's in that "old fashioned" style that the Charlatans loved so much. I dig the overtly psychedelic stuff myself. Still, this is a pretty amazing piece.

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