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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Roky CD Club Helped Roky

roky cd club

The Texas Psych Group has a long history of helping Roky Erickson. Look what I discovered! It's a Paypal Money Request for buying Roky a gift card for Christmas 2000!
Sumnerd Erickson loved going around and shooting his mouth off that the Roky CD Club was a group of bootleggers and rip offs. The truth of the matter was that the Roky CD Club was set up by the original Roky Erickson Trust (Rick Triplet, Evelyn Erickson, more) as a way to get monies (donations) into Roky's hands during a pretty bad time.
Roky's royalties were tied up in a long court battle for both the 13th Floor Elevators and his solo material. Roky was living in a single room, above a porn store off the highway, existing on Social Security.
We worked with Triplet to call the monies that we paid Roky a "donation" rather than a "royality". We were doing $2.00 per CD traded and then we upped it to $3.00. This put sums in the hundreds of dollars into Roky's hands over a four year period.
Roky's former Manager, a thieving cocksucker named Lurkin, was working with Billy Alienate to steal the publishing from Roky's solo catalog. We came in and helped blow the lid off of that scam. We helped fuck them over. And we played with their minds too. It was fun.
Sumnerd came into the Roky Trust as a latecomer. Rather than work with us he had an attitude and (I felt) wanted us to turn over the group to him. What came after was the Sumnerd Wars with the Texas Psych Group.
Unbelievably, Sumnerd put Lurkin and Billy Alienate on the Roky Trust while kicking off people like George Kinney and Triplet. He shot his mouth off and called the Roky CD Club "bootlegers". He tried to put out his own CD which was a total abomination known as "Don't Knok the Rok". Sumnered got bloated with self importance because he was ROKY'S BROTHER. He alienated a lot of people.
But, as we all know, one reaps what they sow. Sumnerd got kicked aside and this left room for Roky to emerge as the total Rok Star that he is today. Thanks a bunch Sumnerd; we couldn't have done it without you.
Annnnyway, I came across this old Paypal Money Request and I wanted to share it with you all.
Money request details

Amount: $5.00 USD

Event: Roky Gift Fun(d)

Event date: Nov. 12, 2000

Date: Nov. 12, 2000

Subject: kilohegroup@hotmail.com

Note: Hello Roky eGroup Members- As you might already know, we are collecting monies to buy Roky a Sears or AMEX Gift Certificate for Christmas. Use this paypal link to open an account to send monies. Just by opening a free account Roky gets $5.00. So, if you send a $5.00 donation it costs nothing and Roky gets $10.00. This is such a good cause! Below is also my snail mail address. Stuff five bucks in an envelope and send it to:

Kiloh R. Smith
1007 Green Holly Road
Clarks Summit, PA.



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