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Monday, May 17, 2010

Kiloh Smith - Texas Psych

kiloh smith

Kevin Combs says:

greetings Kiloh- thanks for your efforts over years promoting Roky awareness. surely you have built interest, helped keep the flame alive, expended time and effort in ways nobody else has. you know you have become a point of controversy in interested quarters...

pirate/ curator?, bootlegger/collector-friendly source?

Kiloh Smith Sez:
For the pirate/bootlegger accusation I submit this:

I also have lovely letters from Evelyn Erickson and Mrs. Sutherland thanking me for keeping their sons names alive. I'll keep those private.

Collector friendly source?

Kiloh Smith sez look:
All I can say is look at the entire FREE Roky CD Club Discography.

self-aggrandizing chest-beater/sharer?

Stuff has come out that was given to me specifically to put out because the tape owners liked how I rolled. A lot of stuff came out to bug Sumner too. That was also given to me. I helped put the Golden Dawn on their first tour and shared everything that I could. George Kinney once told me that I have done more to promote Roky Erickson than ANYBODY including IA themselves.

rude insensitive namecalling lout/ referee?

People say all kinds of shit. But it was ME, waaaaaaaaay back in 1999, that made the moves that broke everything open.

your activity as owner of this list has been a source of both great amusement and trepidation for me.

I try to be entertaining at the very least.

Dude, I just wouldn't tow the fucking line is all. And you should be thanking your lucky stars that I didn't. Towing the line meant walking around behind Craig Luckin and Billy Miller, treating them like Gods, and waiting for them to deign to put out some other crappy release. I threw them both out of this group and EXPOSED them. Then I continued the "work".

Somebody told me that all of this stuff coming out from Charly is a direct result of my work. Sure, Drummond gets the kudos for bringing it all together but the land was cleared, boulders moved, by me. Drummond just hopped over the wreckage of walls that I tore down.

So, I had an opinion of the new Roky album. Big fucking deal. I like it. I just wish that Sheff had not tried so hard to put his mark on it as Producer.


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