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Monday, May 24, 2010

Jack Ortman & Kiloh Smith - Texas Psych Shamen

kiloh smith
kiloh smith

This weekend, my buddy, Jack Ortman, came calling! We checked out a blues show on Saturday night and hung out a bit on Sunday. Check out these pictures of Jack and I in front of The Wall. Standing there, Jack and I represent 70+ years of Texas Psych Experience.

I remember, waaaaaaaaaaay back, when Jack took me under his wing and shared his tape collection (some of it) with me and some of his artyfacts. They were cool artyfacts. Jack was never a little dick about things; he was always cool, and still is.

Jack's always ready to give an interview, provide resources, insight and whatever else is needed to prospective authors and others doing projects on Roky and the 'Elevators. You authors and others, you gotta remember to GIVE JACK THE PROPER CREDIT in your work. You know who you are too. I could name names but... you oughta be ashamed. Did you know that many of the Roky CD Club titles that we enjoy, and take for granted, are recordings that Jack did?

Me? You all know what I did. I am infamous in parts of Texas. And Kiloh Smith is proud to call Jack Ortman friend.

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Mary Christianson said...

Very Nice.....Thanks for sharing....