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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great Doug Walden Photo

doug walden

Check out this picture of my late friend Doug Walden. Doug is the one wearing the South Texas Psychedelic Cattleman's Association tee shirt. Doug and I bought those and I still have mine.

Doug was an original member of the Houston, Texas band United Gas and the late, great, Houston band - Christopher. Doug was the bass player. Doug Tull, of Christopher, also was a member of the Houston group Josephus.

In addition to his musical achievements Doug was also an original member of the Roky Erickson Yahoogroup. This became the Texas Psych Yahoogroup which later became the Texas Psych Googlegroup. Doug was a funny guy who had a really interesting, first-person, take on Texas Psychedelic music. Doug was a gentle soul too who never took sides in all of the wars fought on the list. And there were some Great Conflicts.

Awhile back, Doug and his wife visited me in my Phoenix home while on a trip. We had an, all-too-brief, visit before they had to get back on the road. I'm posting this because I came across this great photo of Doug and I wanted to say that the Texas Psych Group misses you Doug. It's not the same place without you.

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Anonymous said...

i too miss Doug.. He had great insight into the Texas music scene since he was there!