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Monday, March 22, 2010



As most of you know, I had my amp & pre-amp worked on by Guitar Electronics in Phoenix, AZ. I have old-school, solid state, stuff. My amp is a 500 watt Soundcraftsman and it’s a dual stereo channel meaning that when I hook four speakers up to it there are 500 watts coming out of each speaker. Its dual stereo; two channels of stereo. It’s a monster.

My pre-amp is a Carver from the same period and it’s a top-end one. I paid almost a thousand dollars for it back in 1987.

Anyway, my system has had “problems” for the last eight years (or so). It had glitches, popping, cutouts, everything. I’d have to do shit like tap the output knob, on one of the stereo channels of the amp, to get it to come on.

I was bummed. I was so fucking bummed that I (about) quit listening to music, Man, my speakers are West German and TOTALLY kick ass. It was such a bummer to listen to music like that and so I (pretty much) quit.

Then the Village Idiot told me that he could fix my amp. I picked up the Village Idiot at the local drug rehab. I use the drug addicts to clean my home on weekend. I hire ‘em, work ‘em real hard, and scream at them when I’m not whispering sobriety in their ears. Anyway, the Village Idiot said that he could fix my amp.

This is a video of the Village Idiot working on my amp:

The Village Idiot and I went to Guitar Electronics to buy parts for the amp. After the Village Idiot couldn’t fix my amp, I brought it to Guitar Electronics. They told me that I had a BEAUTIFUL amp and that it would be their pleasure to work on it.

Guess what? It was just dirty is all! They gave it an acid bath and polished it up. They then re-calibrated it. I liked the job so much that I had then do my Carver pre-amp too. That was dirty too.

I then bought 100 feet of Monster Cable speaker wire. I bought expensive, thick and gold-tipped, wires to network all of the components together. The wire that hooks the amp to the pre-amp was almost $300.00.

I then bought two, personal, fans that I hung on the back of the Soundcraftsman amp blowing right onto the aluminum cooling fins. I hooked those fans into a wall socket controlled by a switch on the wall.

I fucking CRANK the music up and flip that switch; my amp stays as cool as a cucumber. I am LOVING LIFE right now. I am like a huge Phoenix rising up with laser beam eyes and a huge, throbbing… bass signal coming out.

It’s fucking GREAT! It is LOUD and 100% CLEAR. I am loving listening to music now. I am loving it.

You guys have sent me about a few hundred CD’s over the last eight years. Most of them were in a box in my closet. I was THAT bummed out. This weekend, I bought 500 discs worth of storage space and I have all of those discs put away in the proper category. I can’t wait to listen to them all!

For the last eight years, the only thing that played 100% on my system was cassettes. Luckily, I had a few thousand cassettes. But shit, this is an entirely different ballgame. This is POWER and CLARITY and I am wailing out!

This is one of the best things that I have done in the last ten years. The guys at Guitar Electronics said to NOT get rid of that amp. I’m glad that I didn’t.

Anyway, I want your help! Think about all of the music that I have helped whore out to you over the last ten years. I helped whore out a lot. You know that I did. I did it all for free too, never seeking one dime. I bitch-slapped whomever I needed to at the time to keep doing it. You all know that I did.

I’m asking for some payback! Help yer old buddy Kiloh with some music. If all of the thousands of you that I whored music out to just made me a couple of CD’s why… Do you see the vision?

By the way, I don’t do MP3, SHN, FLAC, APE any of that. I need WAV CD discs.

I’m seeking old Pink Floyd, Texas Psych, Garage Psych, Blues, Ennnnnnnnnnglish Psychedelic, new stuff (for me) like Jane’s Addiction, Violent Femmes, I need more Velvet Underground, Stooges, MC5, I need lots of psych comps. I need stuff!

Contact me here:

That’s: rokysyd11 @ yahoo . com (remove spaces to mail)

I am LOVING LIFE! I have my own home so I can BLAST IT! Help a brother out!


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Anonymous said...

K - I can't believe all the bs ignorance you went through getting that to work...I know your prolem was "post" as u call them (today thy're digital and not analog)Anyway...Remember in 1980 when I bought my dumb, stupid Radio Shack equipment and you joked about it with me telling me how stupid I was...Well, mine still works GREAT also and I don't need coolong fans and the disagreement goes on among "Village Idiots" as to Radio Shack equipment. Let me just give you a little info about the power supplies I have. THEY WERE SOOO GOOD AND WERE AHEAD OF THEIR TIME (1980)THAT THEY ARE STILL USED TODAY....Read the 5 second explanation below...

Another BJT limitation is that both electrons and holes
contribute to conduction. Presence of holes with their higher
carrier lifetime causes the switching speed to be several orders of
magnitude slower than for a power MOSFET of similar size and
voltage rating. Also, BJTs suffer from thermal runaway. Their
forward voltage drop decreases with increasing temperature
causing diversion of current to a single device when several
devices are paralleled. Power MOSFETs, on the other hand, are
majority carrier devices with no minority carrier injection. They
are superior to the BJTs in high frequency applications where
switching power losses are important. Plus, they can withstand
simultaneous application of high current and voltage without
undergoing destructive failure due to second breakdown. Power
MOSFETs can also be paralleled easily because the forward
voltage drop increases with increasing temperature, ensuring an even distribution of current among all
Bob J.

RokySyd said...

I'm loving life with my stereo!