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Friday, March 12, 2010

13th Floor Elevators Poster - Fake?

13th floor elevators poster
Re: 13th Floor Elevators poster:

This exchange was recently posted on the Texas Psych group and my Facebook page. I'm pasting it all here.

Ebay listing says:
VERY RARE Way back in the day the urban legends tell of smoking banana to obtain heavy duty highs. All you really got was a hell of a massive dose of being sick as a dog. This poster is one of the very first psychedelic posters ever made, it is very very rare and only for the advanced collector of this art form. From what i have learned about it over the decades, it dates right around to the appearance of "The Seed" with The Charlatans at the Red Dog Saloon summer of 1965. This is what old timers who knew this poster were telling me during the years.

Sonic 124 says on the Texas Psych Google Group:
Looks like some kinda cross between psych sounds&Velvets Warhol's Banana seller claims "From what I have learned about it over the decades, it dates right around to the appearance of "The Seed" with The Charltons at the Red Dog Saloon summer of 1965." Way out of my price range.

Kiloh Smith says on the Texas Psych Google Group:
The 'Elevators LP came out in late 1966 and the Velvets LP came out in 1967 so how can this poster date from 1965? Fake! It's not even a really quality poster.

Mike Harvey says on Facebook:
Kiloh, and the guy looking to buy the banana poster: Before I worked at Love Street, I spent some time at the Underground Railroad on Market Square. That was 1968 and I remember that poster. It came out after Donovan Leich's record, Mellow Yellow. There was even a rumor at that time that smoking banana peel could get y...ou high. It could easily be a knock-off, but the original was everywhere. I'm surprised more of them didn't survive.

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RokySyd said...

They want almost $700.00 for that beat up poster. Good luck.

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