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Friday, January 1, 2010

Texas Psych 2010 Cosmic Campout w/ George Kinney of the Golden Dawn

Hello Everybody, the 2010 Cosmic Campout w/George Kinney is a GO! The date of this event will be over Memorial Day Weekend of 2010.

This will be a long weekend of camping, fun with fellow list members along with music and quality time with Texas Psych Legend – George Kinney of the Golden Dawn.

Send your indications of interest in participating to this email address: Rokysyd11@yahoo.com

I am creating an email list for this event. This way I can easily keep in touch with those who might be going and forward information and receive communications.

The best part is that we have already done something like this before with the 2004 Cosmic Campout. THAT was lots of fun.

As in 2004, we will be camping up on Mingus Mountain above Jerome, Arizona. The campground is 7,500 feet up on the slope of Mingus and it’s GORGEOUS. I know Ranger Dave too so it’ll be totally cool.

We can grab a few campsites and everybody can crowd in. The campsites feature chemical toilets (clean) and running water. Showers ($2.00) are available in the Town of Cottonwood at the base on Mingus.

Jerome is an actual Wild West ghost town. The only people that live there now are some hippies and oddball characters. It’s a really, really cool spot. Look:

Jerome has an actual Wild West bar! It’s called the Spirit Room. George has played there many times. Check it out:

We’re going to be less than 20 miles from beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Check it out:

2010 Cosmic Campout Participants will get at least two George Kinney concerts. These will be unplugged and out in nature’s beauty. One concert will take place at famous Bell Rock in Sedona. Look:

Bell Rock is the site of a documented Energy Vortex. Sedona is full of them. In Sedona vortexes are made up of spiraling cosmic/spiritual energy. The vortexes of Sedona are believed to be spiritual locations where the energy is optimal to facilitate prayer, mediation and healing. These Vortex sites are thought to be locations having energy flow that works on multiple dimensions. The power of the vortexes interacts with a person’s inner self and is not easily explained. Obviously it must be experienced.

Prices for the 2010 Cosmic Campout are as follows:

$50.00 – 1 person

$75.00 – 1 couple

$100.00 – 1 family

This is a great deal in that it features a whole weekend vacation, along with hours of music and quality time with George Kinney.

I’ll be there too.

Start sending your indications of interest in participating to this email address:



I’ll collect them and make up an emailing list. This way, we can stay in touch and exchange information and phone numbers. This is going to be a hoot!


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