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Thursday, January 7, 2010

13th Floor Elevators Winnie the Pooh Poster

13th Floor Elevators Winnie the Pooh

Hi, Kiloh here. I just bought this 13th Floor Elevators Winnie the Pooh poster. It's pretty rough but it's my first "Pooh". For me, this is one of the ultimate Thirteenth Floor Elevators collectibles and one of the finest rock posters from the Sixties.

Does anybody know about restoring such a poster as this? I know it's pricey but... Should this poster be restored? Or should I leave it in its tattered glory?

One interesting piece of trivia is that one of the shows this poster promotes took place on my birthday. I was six years old.

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Scott said...

I implore you *not* to restore this. No good will come of it. It will never fully be restored, it will lose value, and I think the age adds character. Personally, I would find a way to discreetly mount it, something thin and within the boundaries of the poster. You wouldn't see the mount at all, it would look as it does now, but firm and flat. Then have it come off the wall about an inch with the mounts toward the center, so it looks like it's floating. You could, if you wanted to spend a crap ton of money, surround this with a frame.

The mounting would kill it's value too, but look totally awesome.

You could also try placing it between two sheets of glass, and get really arty with the framing.

wrayb said...

Only 6 years old? The poster does say "minors welcome." Quality restoration would be very pricy. First point would be to keep/store in a manner to preclude any further deterioration. Information on that should be available.

Friendly Home said...

Kiloh, it depends on how much value you are looking to add to the poster through restoration. If this were one of just a few known to exist (I don't know how rare this is), then yes, having this repaired by an expert would be worth the cost. If not, then just having this mounted on acid free, archival quality backing material and framed under glass to preserve this in it's present condition would more than suffice. I hope this helps...dinoseer...

Anonymous said...

I know I may catch flack for this, but is there any way that I can get this as well as some of the Vulcan Gas Co. Posters "reproduced?" I don't care if it's an original, I would jus love the art to hang in my home.