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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Johnny Winter Tree Distribution

johnny winter

The Johnny Winter – Early Heat disc is ready for distribution. Kiloh will be running the tree. Bearmelt’s server is down for the count. Should he ever wish to start it up again you guys should like about giving him some dough to keep it up rather than be all: “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie…”

This is exactly like the old days with ol’ Kiloh running the distribution. I want things to go smoothly; no extra white hairs for Kiloh; no fucktards.

We are looking for both branches and leaves. Branches are people who can trade with others to give them the discs. You MUST be able to get the disc off Pirate’s Bay. We are posting it on Pirate’s Bay and you download it and then trade with the leaves. Branches must be willing to help those with nothing to trade; you’ll make discs for them too.

Leaves are people who want the discs but cannot do Pirate’s Bay. DON’T sign up for this tree if you can get this off Pirate’s Bay.

BTW, for the Branches, if you turn out to be a total fucktard I will out you on the list as a total fucktard and then throw you out. This means that you do your duty with no drama.

Branches send a blank email here: rokysyd11@yahoo.com That’s rokysyd11 @ yahoo.com (remove spaces to mail). Have nothing in the email but in the Subject line have the word: BRANCH and your home country. I am looking for USA, Europe, Australia, Asia Branches.

Leaves send a blank email here: sydfloydgod@yahoo.com That’s sydfloydgod @ yahoo.com (remove spaces to mail)

This CD is some sick stuff. This shows the power and reach of the Roky CD Club to flush out some shit like this. GRAB IT!


Johnny Winter - 1968-Winter/Late Summer, The Matrix, San Francisco,
"Early Heat", SB/M, 79:06

1/4" Master Reel (unknown equipment) > Quantegy R-94 DAT > Panasonic
SV-3700 > Prodigy HD2 Soundcard > Cool Edit Pro (minor edits, level
adjust, spot declick as needed, EQ T04-08) > Flac Frontend 6 > FLAC
(no SBE)

01 My Own Fault
02 Mean Town Blues
03 Rollin' N' Tumblin'

04 Let's Talk It Over
05 Mean Mistreater
06 Easy Rider
07 Be Careful With A Fool
08 Black Cat Bone

09 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
10 Uptempo - Untitled
11 Mama Talk To Your Daughter

12 Stones In My Passway (Solo with National Brand Guitar)
13 Rollin 'n Tumblin'

* We received a CD and DAT. The CD was marked "1968-Winter/Late
Summer, San Francisco" ("probably from The Matrix"), the DAT source
was unmarked but had been touted as 1967?, Unknown Location. The
contents of both media turned out to be the same. From the stereo mix
differences between tracks it appears that T01-03 & T09-11 are from
the same gig while T04-08 & T12-13 are from two separate gigs. It is
not clear whether all of this recording is from 1968, San Francisco.
It is also not clear whether "Winter/Late Summer" means (whichever
portion of the recording that refers to) the recordings are EITHER
from Winter or Late Summer or whether one part is from Winter &
another from Late Summer...


blackcatbone said...

When will Johnny Winter - 1968-Winter/ Late Summer, The Matrix, San Francisco, "Early Heat", appear on the pirates bay?

Anonymous said...

Wow this is a great find 4sure....
The acoustic song alone is the jem of the whole sset...
SO thanks for the heads up on this rare show from the early days of Johnny Winter!