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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fever Tree Rising - The Man Who Paints The Pictures

Fever Tree Rising at Dan Electros in Houston 8-16-08. The Special Guest was David Breaux. Jack Ortman told me that this band was good. From this video, he was right! I think that the Roky CD Club needs to sit Dennis Keller down for an interview.

This song is performed by Fever Tree and appears on the album Fever Tree/Another Time Another Place

The Man Who paints The Pictures lyrics:

Don't say there's no tomorrow
When a silver bird can sig
There's a promise of forever
Every dawn can bring

So you want to build a mountain
So you want to climb real high
Stack your dreams one on another
Walk up to the sky

For the man who paints the pictures
He will hear you if you call him
The man who paints the pictures
Will catch you if you fall

Take my hand and walk beside me
There's a voice that you should hear
We will dream our dreams together
Trust and have no fear


(Whispered - unintelligible)


(Whispered - unintelligible)

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