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Monday, November 23, 2009

Annual Jerry Lightfoot Memorial Gig, Continental Club, Houston, 11/22/09

jerry lightfoot
jerry lightfoot
Check out these pictures of George Kinney and the Golden Dawn, live at Houston's Continental Club, on November 22, 2009. These pictures were from my brother's cell phone.

This was the annual Memorial/Benefit for Jerry Lightfoot. Each year, Steve Krase, former harp player for Jerry, puts together a concert to honor Jerry and to raise money for a charity that helps musicians in need.

It was a really great show this year. Besides the Golden Dawn, Charlie Pritchard played, as well as Steve Krase and Jerry's main guitar protégé, young James Henry. James really tore it up.

I was personal friends with Jerry Lightfoot and I know that he would have LOVED having his name associated with something like this. Jerry was so cool and such a nice guy; a true Southern Gentleman. Man, could he wail on that guitar. And he knew more about Rock music than anybody I have ever known. He knew everything.

George tells me that the gig was great. It sounds like a real smoking gig. The Golden Dawn sharing the bill with Charlie Pritchard. Wow.
My brother Kirby said:
"Had a great time hanging out with George in Houston this weekend. Finally got to meet Nancy which was a treat. She is a really cool. We had a great meal and conversation at the restaurant were I work inside Hotel Derek."

"Sunday went to see George perform at the Continental Club for the Jerry Lightfoot benefit. George and his band put on a high energy kick ass show. It was great spending a beautiful afternoon meeting new people, enjoying great music and eating BBQ. After the show driving home my co-workers/friends who came all said George's band by far put on the best performance."


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