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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

13th Floor Elevators Complete Reference File - Warning

13th Floor Elevators Complete Reference File

I’d like you to be aware of a book to stay away from that full of work appropriated from others without permission or proper credit. It’s the 13th Floor Elevators Complete Reference File. This book is a joke full of cribbed information from the hard work of others. Much of this book was cribbed from the four Jack Ortman Scrapbooks. The photos and swaths of the information were wholesale used without permission. Jack got a crappy, one line, mention in the back of the book.

This book claims to be a “source” on bootlegs and not one of the Roky CD Club titles are mentioned in here. Like I said, it’s a joke. The guy that wrote it goes by the name of “Lama” and is a real piece of shit. He’s well known in Texas Psych circles as a tool and backstabber.

Recently, on a Walt Andrus article giving Walt a great send off “RIP”, the guy that wrote this book got on there and complained that the Houston Press used “his” photo without permission. I’ll let his own words speak for him:

“The Walt Andrus photo above comes from my International Artists label tribute page, and nowhere else.

I have another photo that shows the interior of Andrus' studio at the time of "Easter Everywhere", as well as an interview with him from 1974 where he discusses "Easter", but since people on the internet like to steal things like this without giving credit, I guess these will remain unseen.

Both my Andrus photos came from Andrew Brown, a serious Texas music researcher.

Anyway, R.I.P Walt Andrus.”

Anyway, RIP Walt Andrus? Can you believe the arrogance of this guy? The guy acts like he’s the cat’s meow about the 13th Floor Elevators and really? He’s some Swede with a collection of stuff that he bought online. His book is just material that he obtained elsewhere and arranged together under his own name. The “Tommy Hall Interview” in his book? That comes from the Roky CD Club. He used it without permission or mention.

Stay away from this book. It’s a cob job of other people’s work. This guy goes by "Lama" and is well known on the Internet Psych Circles. He's always trying to pump his own ego up somehow. His latest ploy is to create his own Wikipedia article about himself. Gawd. Pathetic.

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