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Friday, August 21, 2009

Roky Erickson Sponge EP

Roky Erickson Sponge EP
Roky Erickson Sponge EP

Check out this 1976 (1977 to some) Roky Erickson Sponge EP. This was the second Roky Erickson solo recording and was on a 7". Sponge was the French label of Philippe Garnier. Garnier was the American correspondent for the French magazine Rock & Folk.

According to reports, Garnier still lives in L.A. He's a journalist (Liberation), a writer (he wrote a book on David Goodis), as well as a French to English translator (James Ross' "They Don't Dance Much", Stewart O'Nan's "Speed Queen", etc.)

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Anonymous said...


I'm the Philippe Garnier you mention in your post. The info is correct (1977, even though some of those demo tapes were much earlier) but the record shown here must be a reprint, as the originals were purple, both sleeve and label. Also, they had a lyric sheet inside. When I got the sleeves from the printer they had made a mistake and they took them all back (except three which I kept for cillectors items). I know the EP has been reprinted at times and it must be one of them. The record was originally produced (we bought the licencing from then manager Craig Luckin) as a freebee for a notorious Paris record store, Music Action.