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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Johnny Winter Poster - Dallas, 1970

johnny winter poster

Check out this cool 1970 Johnny Winter Poster. It's from the State Fair Music Hall in Dallas, Texas. The art is by my buddy Jim Franklin!

Ahhhh... Johnny Winter. I'm from the Mid-Hudson Valley, New York. For years and years Johnny lived in Millbrook and then (I think) around Woodstock. Anyway, he played around a LOT. I've seen him dozens and dozens of times. Once, he played free in a field outside New Paltz. I made a tape of that. Many times, he played the Good Times Cafe & The Chance in Poughkeepsie. I have tapes from there.

Once, he played up at JB Stoke's (JB Scott's?) up in Albany. This was around 1978. Johnny didn't come on. Midnight came, no Johnny. One o'clock came, no Johnny. Two o'clock came, no Johnny. The crowd was beating on the tables and bar going: "JOHNNY, JOHNNY, JOHNNY, JOHNNY!!!"

Johnny came staggering out and came up to the mic and said: "I'M TOO FUCKED UP TO PLAYYYYYYY!" Then he passed out and fell into the audience. They handed him back up on stage. Then the crowd screamed and rioted. The Stage Manager ran out the side door with Johnny in his arms. It was a huge riot, they trashed the place.

Once, outside the Chance, we were waiting for him to go on. My buddy and I were smoking a joint in the back. We heard Johnny playing his guitar out the window. We began yelling up to the window. Stuff like: "Wail out Johnny! Play Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo!" and Johnny would *answer* us with his guitar.

The last time I saw Johnny was at the Woodstock 30th Anniversary. Johnny looked BAD. He looked like he was gonna die soon. The only thing that hadn't let him down was his slide. I can't believe that was ten years ago and he's still alive.

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Jim O said...

Not only is Johnny still alive and well he is prospering.