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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Country Joe Poster - Sunken Gardens San Antonio

Sunken Gardens San Antonio
Sunken Gardens San Antonio

Check out this 1970 Country Joe and the Fish poster at the Sunken Gardens San Antonio. The Sunken Gardens Theater is located at 3875 N Saint Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78212. It really looks like a gorgeous place.

The City of San Antonio owned a cement quarry in what is today Brackenridge Park from the middle nineteenth to early twentieth centuries. In 1915, the quarry was donated to the City for park land.

Soon, the city’s politicians and park officials began to talk about new uses for the abandoned quarry. Some saw the unique, natural setting of the quarry’s deep excavations shaped in a huge semicircle as the site for an open-air Greek amphitheater.

The natural acoustic features of the quarry drew local performers to the site. Construction of a proper theater was authorized to begin in February 1930, and was completed in time for the dedication on July 14, 1930. While City records consistently refer to the theater prior to its completion as the Open Air Theater, the dedication program called it the Sunken Garden Theater.

The Sunken Garden Theater became a favorite venue for symphonic, jazz, dance, drama, and pop music performances. The Parks and Recreation Department’s Cultural Program assumed management of the theater in the early 1970s. In early 1984, a $320,000 renovation of the theater was completed.

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