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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Texas Psych Blog's Manifesto

texas psych

Ahhhhhhhhhh… to blog or not to blog that is the question. Har! Har! Har! We Texas Psych fans finally have our Bully Pulpit! This blog is going to keep getting ranked and go higher and higher until it becomes the De Facto source of information on Texas Psychedelic Music.

I, Kiloh, told all my pretenders that you would be eating my dust (again). That’s because I’m smarter, faster & stronger than all o’ yew put together. Fuck, I’m just plain better. Now, I know that you all will be falling over yourselves to create your own blogs now. But that isn’t going to “do” you. What the pretenders fail to realize that this world runs on three things: 1) Gas, 2) Grass, 3) Ass. There are no free rides. This means that you gotta pay for gas or have some grass. If you have no money and no grass then you’d better be giving up that ass. Learn it fuckers. Live it.

Now, this Texas Psych blog, that OWNS the upper reaches of Google, is going to be a trooth-telling place. We’re not going to be afraid to name names and tell it like it is. This is the place where the fans can hear the trooth. It’s a last refuge.

Fans of the 13th Floor Elevators, Roky Erickson, Red Crayola, Golden Dawn, Lost And Found, Thursday's Children, The Rubayyat, Endle St. Cloud, Shiva's Headband, Bubble Puppy, Moving Sidewalks, ZZ Top, Johnny Winter, Janis Joplin, the Black Angels, Sonobeat, International Artists, garage psych, Roky CD Club and psychedelic music in general we KNOW you’ve been lied to and mistreated. We KNOW because we’ve lived it ourselves. Why do you think we created this blog?

Look for news on the Roky CD Club here. Read album reviews. We’re gonna tell you the real skinny here. You’re not going to read any bullshit like those fuckers that fell all over themselves to proclaim what a great album Don’t Knock The Rok was when it came it. Anybody tries to put one over on the fans? They get bitch-slapped in this very blog. It’s getting thousands of hits a month too. So the underbelly of this genre of music had better watch your step because there’s a new Sheriff in town. Put that fucking tuba down and get back in line motherfucker. All of you fuckers? You know who you are. We're taking you down, all the way to Chinatown.
We’re running this show from now on…
By the way, join the discussion group linked to this blog. This is the FIRST such group of it's kind. All of the other "13th Floor Elevators" & "Texas Psych" groups are pale immitation copy groups by pretenders that joined the first group and thought that they had figured out the secret. Nah! We're still where it's happening.

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