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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snot Box - Vulcan Gas Company Handbill

Vulcan Gas Company

Check out this Vulcan Gas Company handbill known as "Snot Box". It was designed by Jim Franklin to promote shows which took place in Dallas at a short lived club called The End of Cole on 9/4/69. The Club had some connection to the Vulcan Gas Company and the featured performers included Treeks, Nazz and Illinois Speed Press.

I own a copy of this handbill and it's a true work of psychedelic art. It's printed on very thin stock. My friend, Jim Franklin, is going to sign it for me.

A very famous Velvet Underground bootleg is from this venue. In 10/18-19/69, the Velvet Underground played a few dates at End of Cole Avenue in Dallas, TX and a fan who worked as a recording engineer brought a reel to reel and recorded 2 nights of their stand. Years later, some of the End of Cole Avenue's tapes were combined with recordings from 1969 shows in San Francisco for the album 1969: Velvet Underground Live, but by the time Mercury Records got their hands on the End of Cole Avenue recordings, they were several generations removed from the original source material.

Live at End Cole Ave. was mastered from the original first generation tapes of the October 10/18-19/69, End of Cole Avenue recordings, and the differences in the sound quality are dramatic; louder and clearer. Plus the absence of the blanket of hiss which has usually hovered over these performances is more than welcome; this is certainly one of the very best-sounding Velvets live recordings.

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