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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Roky Erickson Bootlegs - Review of Roky CD Club #47

roky erickson bootlegs Photo Credit: Ron Baker

I’ve finished listening to the new Roky CD Club release - #47. I must say that I really, really like it. It hasn’t left my CD player for long for a week. The quality of this recording is low-gen audience. It sounds like a copy off the master; which is what it probably is. There are three songs in the beginning where Roky seems to be playing for somebody. He also has fun with the wording of the songs sometimes.

The real gem here is the 1976-01-12, Sleeping Lady Cafe, Fairfax, CA recording. This sounds like an intimate setting with Roky appearing very relaxed. He does some songs that don’t seem to appear on any other recordings. He’s also “working up” many songs that became standards for him. Sometimes he fumbles the words but it’s OK.

What’s cool is that he does an acoustic version of Two Headed Dog off the Mars 45! He practically spits out the lyrics. Instead of a full electric band wailing along behind him he’s solo acoustic. It’s pretty cool.

Roky Erickson bootlegs don’t really get any better than this. Thank God for the Roky CD Club! And the folks that want to hoard this music will be in for a big surprise sometime. The Roky CD Club is getting ready to gear up!

Listen, this disc might still be available on the tree. See the information below. Go for it. Get this! No fucktards wanted though.


unknown Gen Aud Recording on TDK D * C120 cassette > Sony TC-KA1ESA Tape Deck (Dolby Off) > Adcom GFP-565 Preamp > Prodigy HD2 Soundcard > Cool Edit Pro (EQ, minor edits) > Flac Frontend 6 > FLAC (no SBE)

Roky Erickson - ?, Private Session, Aud, 18:45
1) Cold Night For Alligators
2) /Bloody Hammer
3) The Damned Thing

Roky Erickson - 1976-01-12, Sleeping Lady Cafe, Fairfax, CA, Aud,
4) I'm Gonna Free Her
5) Hide Behind The Sun (Dedicated To Brian Jones)
6) When You Get Delighted
7) Two Headed Dog
8) Mine Mine Mind
9) The Wind & More
10) Wake Up To Rock 'N Roll
11) Bermuda
12) Don't Shake Me Lucifer
13) Splash 1
14) I Had To Tell You
15) Starry Eyes
16) Maybe Baby
17) You're The One
18) Spanning Your Theory (Alien I Creator)
19) Birds'd Crash (It's Gonna Last)
20) May The Circle Remain Unbroken
21) Hardest Working Alien Around?
22) The Interpreter
23) Ooh My Soul
24) White Faces

Total 75:07


All small cuts throughout recording were on source tape.

Private Session: Acoustic / solo.

Sleeping Lady Cafe: Acoustic / solo. A somewhat distant audience recording with, at times, fairly prominent audience / background noise; at times dull, at others shrill.

If you would like a copy of this fine disc to trade with your friends you must be able to do the following:

1) Play well with others.

2) Work in flac files and copy a disc flawlessly.

3) Be a Branch or Leaf. If you Branch it means you are willing to be assigned a few leafs to trade with. If you Leaf it means you will trade with an assigned Branch.

4) If you would like, you can download this directly from the server, registration is free.

5) If you want Branch, reply to this e-mail bearmelt1@snet.net with ONLY country of origin in subject, I do not want any other info please.

6) If you want Leaf, reply to this e-mail bearmelt2@snet.net with ONLY
country of origin in subject, I do not want any other info please.

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