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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red Crayola / Scritti Politti Poster

red crayola

Check out this Red Crayola / Scritti Politti poster from Ratinger Hof, 4.9.79. The club - Ratinger Hof in Düsseldorf was the place to be in the late seventies in Germany. The German Punk Rock Scene happened there. Scritti and the Red Crayola toured together and took turns headlining.
During the spring of 1979, The Red Crayola and Scritti Politti played gigs together across Europe. Despite the 2 bands’ very different beginnings and career stages at that time, The Red Krayola began in Texas in 1966 as an avant-garde psychedelic group and had by then released several albums, including collaborations with Art & Language, while Scritti Politti was an upstart English post punk band with only a couple of singles released, the match was perfect.

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Esping said...

I saw them on this tour on the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Strange gig I remember some members of the audience where in sleepingbags. Both bands made a lasting impression though