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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crappy Psychedelica Yahoogroup

Psychedelica Yahoogroup

Hi gang, I want to let you all know about an experience that I had on this crappy Yahoogroup recently. It's called the Psychedelica Yahoogroup. It's a small group with not many messages.

As you all know, I am running these Texas Psych and Syd Barrett blogs that are getting thousands of hits each a month. You guys see the thought that I put into these posts too. What I have been doing is using these blog posts as discussion vehicles on other groups including my own.

Like, rather than try and squeeze everything into some static "discussion" post, I create the blog post and then reference that URL in the discussion post. The blog is perfect for this because I can add pictures, video, discussion and more to this blog. I can then reference any post because each post has it's own unique URL.

So I paste the URL into the discussion board and tell people to check it out. They can check it out and then discuss that resource on their group. This works GREAT in my groups and others I belong too.

So I joined this group and... the members are a bunch of fucking babies that complained to the Group Moderator that I was "SPAMming" their group. This is a group with about a couple dozen posts a week. Their Moderator is an idiot that then threw me out of the group. Yeah, I was "SPAMming" with posts showing Arnold Layne acetates, video and lyrics.

This group is a bunch of idiots and their Moderator is an idiot too. So, OK, I went on their crappy little group and told them what a bunch of tools they really were. But if the shoe fits? Wear it man!

I am warning the fans to not bother wasting their time in this group. What a bunch of maroons!



Anonymous said...

I know this moderator you speak of and maroon is too good a word for " it "

Anonymous said...

Nice one Kiloh. If you say this guy is a jerk, then he's a jerk. I'll be sure to avoid this group.

Anonymous said...

I've left that group.