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Thursday, July 23, 2009

13th Floor Elevators - Scarlet And Gold (DJ Copy) 45 rpm

13th floor elevators

Look at this white label promo copy of the 13th Floor Elevators Scarlet And Gold (bw: Livin' On) 45 rpm. I can tell you that the sound of the 45 blows away the LP version.

You no longer have to just feast your eyes on this but you can listen to it. That's because the Roky CD Club wrenched these 45's OUT of the hands of the Vinyl Fascist collectors and burned them to the CD Collection: The High Baptismal Flow aka: How Much Is That Vinyl In The Window?

LYRICS: 13th Floor Elevators – Scarlet And Gold:

He’s a king, he’s a poor boy, a coward and stranger
See him standing out there so all alone
Well I guess that he’ll keep standing there untill he’s called for
And tomorrow’s hurricanes have blown

His hate grew old, another story told
He found the place to call his own
His way was lost, his spirit was the cross
He could not make up for the loan

But many great man are returning
Back to the place where it began
And our tired eyes will cease the burning
When the devil’s bones lay parching in the sun
And the night man is waiting at the station
Gathering all the stops one by one
I suggest that you make a reservation
Before all these things are done

The fellow had the blues
His life was filled with pain
When he heard the news
His life was all in vain

Someone spread the word
His house went up in flames
They don’t even smoke
They couldn’t be to blame

All your secrets have been told
Trade in your scarlet and your gold

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