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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thanks to Sumner Erickson

Sumner Erickson

The Texas Psych group would like to publically thank Sumner Erickson for the years of laughs that he has bestowed upon the fans. What a great guy. He really helped brighten up the Roky World and added *something* to the mix. He was more fun than a barrel of monkeys. We miss you Sumner!

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Anonymous said...

I only know two things about Sumner:

1. Sumner is the one who got the wheels in motion to help Roky become the healthiest he's been in decades (and that's most important) which led to Roky doing amazing shows with the Explosives that NO ONE can beat.

2. Now that Sumner's not with Roky, Roky is no longer the way he was a few short years ago, and it's so very very sad to see and hear. First, on a basic human level, and second, on a rock 'n' roller level, it's absolutely soul crushing.

Now, I've heard Sumner was angry with folks here for sharing music. Yes, that's a shame, since you do amazing work here, and I thank you for it very much. And no, I don't know Sumner. But knowing what he did for Roky (and knowing how it's all going downhill without him) I still have to say in all sincerity, I do miss Sumner.