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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red Krayola Hurricane Fighter Plane set - BEWARE!

Hurricane Fighter Plane

This double disc, Red Krayola Hurricane Fighter Plane, is horrible. The label that put it together had no idea (or did not care) about the track order of the original albums. For the Parable of Arable Land, each track fades out where it should lead into one another. AND it is missing two of the "Free Form Freakouts"! This is unacceptable.

God Bless the Red Crayola has a completely messed up track order. And two songs from the second album are inexplicably included on the CD of the first album.

This is a mess. Don't buy.

By the way, the music on this album should be five stars, but in the context of this release it is unlistenable. The stuff that the Roky CD Club whores out is waaaaaaaay better than this. They don't fuck with anything.

Track Listing:

1. Night Song
2. Jewels of the Madonna
3. Green of My Pants
4. Say Hello to Jamie Jones
5. Music
6. Shirt
7. Listen to This
8. Sherlock Holmes
9. Dirth of Tilth
10. Tina's Gone to Have a Baby
11. Save the House
12. Victory Garden
13. Coconut Hotel
14. Sheriff Jack
15. Free Piece
16. Ravi Shankar (Parachutist)
17. Piece for Piano and Electric Bass Guitar
18. Dairymaids Lament
19. Parable of Arable Land
20. Free Form Freakout, Pt. 1
21. Former Reflections Enduring Doubt
22. Free Form Freakout, Pt. 2
23. Hurricane Fighter Plane
24. Free Form Freakout, Pt. 3
25. Transparent Radiation
26. Free Form Freakout, Pt. 4
27. War Sucks
28. Pink Stainless Tail
29. Big
30. Leejol


Anonymous said...

Besides all the really relevant stuff you said, but also the plane on the cover is a Spitfire and not
a Hurricane -er maybe this comment gives a new meaning to "trivial 'pursuit'"?
No wonder I want to be anonymous...

king feeb said...

Probably about the time that Satan and his minions enjoy ice skating on the Lake of Fire, someone will finally get this right. Has any band been treated more shoddily in the CD age than Red Crayola? I can't think of any.

Anyway, thanks for the warning.