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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Golden Dawn Power Plant - This Way Please Vid

Check out this cool video a fan created for The Golden Dawn-This Way Please. The Golden Dawn Power Plant is one of my absolute favorite albums. This fan does a good job with the vid. See a tracklisting for Power Plant here:

01.Evolution (George Kinney - Bobby Rector) - 3:28
02.The Way Please (George Kinney - Bobby Rector) - 5:08
03.Starvation (George Kinney - Bobby Rector) - 2:52
04.I'll Be Around (George Kinney - Bobby Rector) - 3:00
05.Seeing Is Believing (George Kinney - Bobby Rector) - 2:21
06.My Time (Jimmy Bird - Bill Hallmark - George Kinney) - 3:50
07.A Nice Surprise (Bill Hallmark - G. Kinney - Bobby Rector) - 2:51
08.Every Day (George Kinney - Bobby Rector) - 3:59
09.Tell Me Why (George Kinney - Bobby Rector) - 2:07
10.Reaching Out To You (Bill Hallmark - George Kinney) - 2:37

The Golden Dawn:
*George Kinney (voc, guitar)
* Tom Ramsey (lead guitar)
*Jimmy Bird (rhythm guitar)
*Bill Hallmark (bass)
*Bobby Rector (drums

Read a cool take on the Golden Dawn here:

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