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Sunday, June 21, 2009

13th Floor Elevators Sign of the Three Eyed Men - Set The Record Straight

13th Floor Elevators Sign of the Three Eyed Men
Hello Everyone! This is your pot stirring terminal member of The Group, Michael. Back after a Hiatus due to VERY personal problems...! With this stated, I would like to thank Kiloh and all of you who helped me through issues; Thank you!

The reason I have entered this cyber zone is to point out some facts about the Box Set, 13th Floor Elevators Sign of The Three Eyed Men.

First: This is not going to be a "Sour Grapes" missive. The reviews I have read seem to lead to the conclusion the $150 for the Box Set is better spent on Tequila... GOOD Tequila!

My Heartfelt Congratulations to Paul Drummond for working diligently under adverse conditions to bring this music to the Light of the CD Laser!

Second: Let's face it... Most of these tracks have been released, previously by, amongst others, The Roky CD Club! This is NOT a major complaint or contention, however, it is simply a fact!

Today, this portion of a Blog Post from Paul Drummond was brought to my attention from 8/5/2008:

"Four possible sources held out on unreleased material. Not going to name and shame them, but they gave very feeable (SIC) excuses..."

With this quote and, some "Hate Mail" I have received resonating in my mind, it is time to set the record STRAIGHT on the position of myself (And The Roky CD Club) regarding the tapes and sources we possess from IA.

In 2004, I made the Roky Erickson Trust a good faith offer to access the 8 track Sub Masters of Easter Everywhere AND all of the Reference Cassettes in my possession from IA and Andrus Studios. The offer was sincere, reasonable and...


It did NOT involve paying me an absurd amount of cash, either!

The offer was simple: "I will bring my source material, including the "Easter" sub-masters to a studio of your choice. It is my preference to use - - - - in Seattle for my convenience. You will be allowed COMPLETE access to a Digital copy of the "Easter" 8 tracks in return for accepting the cost of the treatment and processing of the reels. In return for access to the tapes, I will be provided with a Digital copy of the "Easter" 8 tracks which will be for my personal use..."

That is The BEST OFFER I was willing to make... PERIOD! Some of you are of the opinion the tapes should be turned offer, GRATIS!

Maybe, if one is a Burned-Out, Crystal Worshiping, Methadone Addicted, Bong Sucking LSD Casualty from the 60s, does just dancing into a studio wreaking of Patchouli make sense, in this case...

The Music Lives but,

The 60s ARE OVER!


Paul Drummond offered to pay my fare to 'The Studio" where he and Walt Andrus were processing the New Set. I do, STILL, appreciate his very kind offer. It was not within the alacrity of time in my world that I could join them. He did type to me he was listening to "Never Another takes 1 - 10! Get here!" Even with the picture of standing in the studio with all of these people and the chance to absorb the "Music" after years of sitting in a can in New Mexico, it was just not possible...

I DID offer Paul Drummond this, at the time:

"I will speak with Kiloh and we will make available all the material we have... We will help you access the sources for the material we have... For my part, I will donate: The KAZZ Master Source, An alternate mix of the Elevators demos, The reference cassette from IA of Psychedelic Sounds with alternate mixes AND studio banter with the band... All of the source material in my possession..." Except...

The "Easter" masters... This is because there was still NO AGREEMENT over the "Personal" copy issue...

It is simply too expensive for me to take on the burden of the financial cost to handle the transfer of the tapes to Digital.

So... There they sit... In a Box... Still waiting for an amicable solution.

I am a patient man.

In all of this disharmony, I would like to be the first to tell The Group, there is a SLIM chance of obtaining unreleased, alternate mixes and live recordings of the Elevators from some very sympathetic members who have come forward in frustration with the Box Set...

When I can come up with $150 bucks, I am looking forward to hearing the Box Set, just for the record.


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