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Saturday, June 20, 2009

13th Floor Elevators Sign of the Three Eyed Men - Review by a Real Fan

13th Floor Elevators Sign of the Three Eyed Men

13th Floor Elevators Sign of the Three Eyed Men Review:

Everybody seems to be going gaga over this set that's $160.00 (minimum). What is it?

Contact session:
Demos Everywhere album

Psychedelic Sounds (stereo & mono)
45 versions of same songs.
Alt. version of Fire Engine released on Epitaph for a Legend.

Easter Everywhere (stereo & mono)
45 versions of same songs.
Roky & Clementine Hall acoustic stuff released on Epitaph for a

Then they took the material off the fake Live album sans applause and mixed it in with other tracks to create an "unreleased" album. All of this stuff (sans applause) has been already released.

Oh yeah, they took the Roller Coaster backing tracks and released them too. That was previously released.

Then they included the Avalon show. The definitive version of this was released on the Roky CD Club.

Then they took the Bull of the Woods album and padded it out with 45 versions of the same songs.

Then they created the Live In Texas album by combining parts of Sump'n Else, the theater in the round show (Dallas), some 1973 reunion and 1984 stuff.

The definitive versions of the Sump'n Else and Theater in the Round were released on the Roky CD Club. They DID have a tape of the Conqueroo/'Elevators jam and added some songs from that.

They DID have a tape of some Bull of the Woods session and added that.

But EVERYTHING ELSE seems to have been sourced from vinyl already released. My friend, Mike, told me that it looks like the culled all the best stuff from the Roky CD Club releases and cleaned it up with a better program. If so, that's typical of this crowd. But, for God's sake, don't let Drummond get away with talking about his fucking "research" that went into this project. His fucking "research" seems ti have been lurking in the Texas Psych Google Group and grabbing the goodies that they put out on the Roky CD Club.

My take on this is that they took the best VINYL SOURCED stuff, along with recordings already released by the Roky CD Club, and then cleaned it up with a powerful program in a professional recording studio. They then had access to a few new recordings that they padded it all out with. They then began trumpeting about "lost" recordings and their "research". EVERYTHING has been put out previously, except for a few nuggets. Do they give credit to the people whose shoulders they stood upon? No, because that's how they roll.

What about the Texas Archives Label guy? Did they credit/imburse him for ripping his LP's? Who owns the backing tracks? Did they credit/imburse them? These have already been put out. The speed corrected Sump'n Else? Oh yeah, that's this group did that. The Avalon? This group.

Their book? People have called me and said: "They used my photo without permission." All they did was take the image and Photoshop it. The people whose photo was used without permission want to let it slide rather than deal with it.

GET A GRIP PEOPLE! This IS NOT the "lost stash" of 13th Floor Elevators material. It's a collection of previously issued material that was padded out with a few choice nuggets. Yeah that's right, a box set of shit that was already released elsewhere and put out by the Roky CD Club proir. It's padded out with like a half of a disc's worth (maybe) of new material.

Look, I'm glad that the 13th Floor Elevators Sign of the 3 Eyed Men is out there. I'm not happy it's on Charly. I'm not happy that Drummond rode the Roky CD Club's coattails to do it. But I'm happy that it's out. Just... get a grip. Charly, Drummond, and all the rest, ought to be drinking the Roky CD Club's bathwater. See the Roky CD Club Discography here:

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Dave Horn said...

I really don't know why the review is so bitter and scathing about everything to do with this box set. I must say that I love it and think that it's one of the best packages issued (apart from the irritation and damage potential of CDs slotting tightly into a piece of card).

I already had the single Elevators CDs, a slip case box of the CDs and odd compilation CDs. I bought the box (hence all the stuff for a third time) because the Elevators are one of my favourite bands and, like The Doors, I buy nearly anything that's issued as there simply isn't much new material out there.

I also bought The Beatles mono and stereo boxes for a rip-off, even higher price, double that of this package, though there's nothing new whatsoever in them, plus the packaging is nowhere near as good as that of the Elevators box.

I thought that overall the Elevators package was very good indeed and well worth the money. After all with these boxes you nearly always get mainly recycled material with a few carrots, live material (I'm not a great lover of live albums) or maybe a 5.1 surround mix, unavailable elsewhere, thrown in (Bowie's "Station to Station" and the Derek & the Dominoes "Layla" boxes, which I bought largely for the 5.1 mixes, come to mind as examples).

I've also bought the vinyl box "Music of the Spheres" and am very pleased with that too, apart from the fact that the "revised" book is only a soft-back. I particularly like the 3D-effect lenticular artwork. Now I'm about to buy the "Psychedelic Sounds of" and "Bull of the Woods" T-shirts and CDs package featuring a couple of different tracks.

What I don't like are people selling these boxes a short while after they've sold out for rip-off prices (it's already being advertised for £300-£400).