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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

13th Floor Elevators Sign of the 3-Eyed Men: Comments From the Fans

13th Floor Elevators Sign of the 3-Eyed Men
Please read the comments by the fans about 13th Floor Elevators Sign of the 3-Eyed Men:

From: BearMelt
So, I can't think of a more generalized opinion / interpretation / review of the box than as follows... The majority of the material in the box we've all heard before. Some of it may be from a better source than the Texas Psych Group acquired originally, or at best processed with better equipment, and some of it obviously not. Some of the songs are a revelation now, auditory wise, and some of it sounds like shit. The box makes no bones about what was taken from vinyl; just like the TPG did - it's all they got to work from. In the end it's all about preservation - if all the years of Kiloh's hard work paid out by getting someone else to do this damn box - with or without the ticker tape parade in Kiloh's honor - so be it. Kiloh knows what he's done and so do the rest of us. You can't thank Satan and his minion enough for keeping this music alive. Am I happy the box was done? Hell yes. Does it compare to what was accomplished in the TPG? It pales in comparison in so many ways yet brought forward material that would have otherwise been unavailable at all. It also makes me wonder where those 'unreleased songs' we know exist are; cause if the box makers couldn't get their hands on them then they aren't as powerful as thought. And so it goes...

From: Kiloh
I'm glad it's out. My question is: if they have all these "tapes" then why hasn't more unreleased stuff come out? They show some old boxes and acetes but ARE they really what they say they are? These people lie like dogs. They could just be some old tape boxes and Photoshopped acetates. Why is almost everything else previously released? Look behind the curtain. Ask questions.

From: kelhard
So true, Kiloh my friend. Sometimes things are not always as they appear. Apologies for my naivete at times.

Been listening to the box, and quite amazed at how many sonic flubs there are. Problems inherent in the original source material, poor mastering choices. As an example, why wasn't "Bull" transferred straight mono instead of the 2 channel fake stereo. They could have either collapsed both channels to mono, or chose the best sounding channel and mastered that to mono. Or was it a question of "that's how it is on the tape, let's leave it as historically accurate we can get."

Oh so disapointed that "You Can't Hurt Me Anymore" on "Headstone" is riddled with dropouts.

On the bright side, I'm glad its out there as well. But it could have been SO much better. Am I being picky, or am I just being a prick.

Maybe one day V. 2.0 will be created.

From: michael jensen:
With respect to Bear,

There is a great deal more unreleased material. Just within the info Drummond shared with me last year (Never Another Takes 1-10), the producers held out on material.

There are recordings in private hands, too.

The Elevators FIRST Demo... The Reference Cassette for Easter... The recent sale of the 1969 remix of Easter on Acetate...

The Acetates I handled at Roky's house in 1983...

Charly is a Dog and Pony Show. Cheap methods... Stupid decisions... Bad Products!

At $150 bucks, it could be better than "Drop-Outs" and Digital Distortions...

Am I glad it is out.. Sure! But, Sign of The Three Eyed Men is, overall, a disappointment. Maybe with the material left off, another set of CDs could be produced...

By another company!


From: Kiloh
Maybe we can switch out the inferior tracks with the Roky CD Club tracks. Then we can tree out the "Ultimate" version.

From: "DAVIAS, Nick"
What a great idea!! Along with the very few "new" recordings that were released on the box, making it the ultimate (for the time being) Elevators set.

From: "q...@gmail.com"
I've been doing some A/B comparisons. The TexasPsych Stereo LP's are winning every comparison.

I suppose the "remixed" tracks for EE are interesting, but they are just not as good as the Attack of The Stereo LP's.

I will give the box set credit for the mono mixes on PS and EE. They are great. Pulsing! Great!

The Houston 1966 shows are in collapsed mono. The versions from Texas Psych are in the original crude stereo.

Does a mono Bull even exist? It was probably never made.

I really like the box set. It is a sturdy, colorful package. I'm just gonna put the Texas Psych CDR's in place of some of the box discs!

Basically, anyone who is really blown away by the 13th Floor Elevators, or has listened to them for 5, 10, or 40 years really NEEDS the Texas Psych Stereo LP transfers. When all the complaining and fighting is over, these are the clearest and best-sounding documents. Period.

From: kelhard
I had a chance to hear the box set and I have to agree with the general concensus here. Its a nice package, but no more than a repackaging job of the stuff that Kiloh and company initially put out.

According to Drummond, Walt Andrus had a hand in "remixing and remastering" the content in the box. If what has been said about Drummond is true (and I don't doubt Kiloh for one minute), then did Andrus REALLY have a part in preparing this box set (and what about the "recently found long-lost master tapes") or it it all (more or less) bullsh*t from the mouth of Drummond.

Does anyone know if the band is going to receive any royalties from this box?

That's it for now. Have a good one people.


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Anonymous said...

I just got the box set, and I agree with of of the disgruntled comments. I was real sad to hear the dropouts on some of the contact sessions, notably on "everybody needs". Luckily, I have both teaxas archive lp's - the sound of the sessions is much better on those than on vol 1 of the set ! There are some great finds, especially the punky fast acetate take of "reverberation'. The package is nice, and some of the pictures are real finds...