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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Texas Psych Blog Gets Psychedelic Makeover

Texas Psych Blog

The world-famous Texas Psych Blog has gotten a makeover. See the new design here:
http://texaspsychedelicrock.com/. This is a labor of love by the fans / for the fans. Fans of Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, along with Fever Tree, Golden Dawn; George Kinney, Red Crayola (Red Krayola), Lost And Found, Thursday's Children, The Rubayyat, Endle St. Cloud, Shiva's Headband, Bubble Puppy, Moving Sidewalks, ZZ Top, Johnny Winter, Janis Joplin, the Black Angels, Sonobeat, International Artists, garage psych, Roky CD Club and psychedelic music in general can come here to read posts and be entertained.

This blog is a project of the Texas Psych Google Group. This group has been leading the way for fans of Texas Psychedelic music since 1998. The group is run by a visionary List Monger who is constantly finding new ways to entertain the membership while expanding their musical horizons. This includes uncovering a veritable treasure-trove of unreleased and out-of-print music for the fans. This music is put up for free download to the real fans. Right now, the Texas Psych Google Group is on the hunt for the long lost Vulcan Gas Company tapes.

The List Monger says: “I want this blog to be one of THE sources of information for this genre of music. Texas Psych fans are the world’s greatest because of all of the lies, broken promises, bad quality reissues, dead ends and more that they have endured. Thank God that the Roky CD Club set much of this right. This blog will act as a mouthpiece for that ongoing revolution. We are gonna continue to set the record straight.”

“Yeah, we've got a cool new domain (Texas Psychedelic Rock) that we're running the blog through too,” says the List Monger, “but don't worry, that old, Blogspot, domain is set to forward all traffic over to the new location. Our servers are off in Never Never Land and locked down tighter than a well digger's behind. It's all being run by the real fans, yeah...”

The Bloggers on the http://texaspsychedelicrock.com/ Blog scour the web to find cool stuff for the fans to gawk at. You’ll see rare material from names like the Vulcan Gas Company, Armadillo World Headquarters, Electric Grandmother, Jomo Disaster and Love Street Light Circus as well as cool Thirteenth Floor Elevators videos. Fans of sixties music, garage bands, Nuggets, psychedelic posters, 60s psychedelic art, psychedelic concert posters, sixties psychedelic art, psychedelic rock and 60s music will love this blog.

“I really, really love this genre of music because of the fans,” says the List Monger “I have more fun with the fans that don’t like me than the ones who do. When they don’t like me they stay in the group anyway, lurking away and reading every post. It’s like they can’t look away. It’s like I have captured their scrawny little, worthless, souls forever. I like that, it’s neat. So I have built this blog to attract new victims.”

The List Monger says: “Yeah, I really got tired of all of the losers and Internet music wannabes that have come along since me. I was the guy that started the very first Texas Psychedelic Blog waaaaaay back in 1998. Soon after, I had a bunch of imitators. Now, ten years later, I am cranking everything up another notch or two. This blog really rocks out and was created by the fans – for the fans. Blogging is fun too; I'm a blogging fool now. Yeah...”

“Before the original Texas Psych Group, that I created and ran, it was a wasteland,” says the List Monger, “the fans were being dragged around by the scruff of the neck by awful profiteers and those that wanted to *control* things. The group was like a red hot scalpel cutting into a hardened staph infection; everything just burst out. TONS of music came out and the quality was way better than ever. It was all free too. The profiteers and control freeks were left holding their empty bags. This blog is part of the continued celebration of that beautiful moment in time and space. Yeah...”

Please visit the Texas Psychedelic Rock Blog often as new posts are going up almost daily. There will be gig announcements, photos, movies, recollections, poems and doggerel posted by people who were there and those that wish that they had been. There will also be periodic public floggings of people like Billy Alienate, Lurkin, Sumnerd, Lama and others. It's a real great place. Fun, fun, fun...

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