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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Roky CD Club Release #46 Review - Roky Erickson and the Aliens at Mabuhay Gardens, 7/77

Roky Erickson and the Aliens



1. The Wind & More
2. Bermuda
3. Night Of The Vampire
4. Cold Night For Alligators
5. The Damned Thing
6. Bloody Hammer
7. Spanning Your Theory (Alien I Creator)
8. White Faces
9. Mine Mine Mind
10. Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play
11. Don't Shake Me Lucifer
Audience recording, total time = 56:29. Unknown generation audience recording on TDK SA90 Cassette > Sony TC-KA1ESA Tape Deck (Dolby Off) > Adcom GFP-565 Preamp > Prodigy HD2 Soundcard > Cool Edit Pro (minor edits, EQ) > Flac frontend 6 > FLAC (no SBE)

OK, now that the FACTS are out of the way I can deal with the review. First, THANK GOD FOR THE ROKY CD CLUB! Thank God that they have paved the way. Thank God that they had the courage to stand up to Billy Alienate and Lurkin. Thank God that they put all this stuff out for free! Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Soooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeee! COME AND GIT IT AFORE I THROW IT TO THE HAWGS!

The sound is B-/B grade. Hey, it's an audience recording on a thirty-two year old cassette. There's some hiss and a bit of muddiness. But I've heard worse, a lot worse.

The energy on the recording is undeniable. The band is cooking along at breakneck speed. Roky is screaming his lungs out and guitarist, Duane Aslaksen, wails out. By far the best part is what's NOT on this recording; no Billy Alienate. There is no Billy, scratching away and fighting Roky for who can be loudest. Billy Alienate, the wrecker. Billy Alienate, the maker of non-musical noise. Billy Alienate, the worst of the worst. To make matters worse he then conspired, over decades, to hold Roky's music hostage; seeking payment from the highest bidder. When the Roky CD Club began doing their wonderful work, ten years ago, Billy went into action but they struck him down like the dog that he is.

Make sure that you download this new CD on the torrent server.


Rock Music 357 said...

I heard that the Aliens recently threw his ass out of the group and that the Roky Trust kicked him out too.

Music CD 180 said...

I've often wondered what that terrible screeching was on those Aliens recordings. I've heard terrible things about Billy Alienate. He sounds like shit too.

MP3 365 said...

Billy Alienate. Doesn't he have some "electric" washboard gimmick? Why did they even let him into the band?

Free iTunes Codes 365 said...

Man, he sucks ass. I can't believe what I am hearing. It's like a cat getting electrocuted.

Free Music Downloads 365 said...

Yeah, Roky got stuck with some poor players sometimes. This guy was out to get as much as he could from him too as far as I can tell.

rapmusic365 said...

Roky Erickson is a genius. Him and Biggie are my main men. Fuck this Billy guy. I'll bust a cap in his ass.