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Friday, April 24, 2009

Golden Dawn Poster - Vulcan Gas Company

golden dawn poster

Check out this cool Vulcan Gas Company Golden Dawn poster. I asked George Kinney about this gig and he replied:

All I remember about the Vulcan Gas Co. gig was that it happened. I remember looking forward to it becasue it was definitley "THE" place to play back then. I knew Ed Guinn and Houston White and Eddie Wilson and all the founders of the historic venue and we were stoked to play there. The gig went well and we really had fun that night. That was back when I used to dance around on stage a lot. After the gig, an extremely talented guitarist, Jim Mings, jammed and he was great. What else?
Hmmmm....like they say, if you remember the '60's you weren't there.

Postscript: I found Jim Mings on MySpace and contacted him. I asked him about this gig and the jam afterwards. He replied:

Kiloh, I have no recollection of that particular night and dag gummed but 40 years has past. I did spend many a good night at the Vulcan and am proud of the education I got there. Jim

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