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Monday, March 30, 2009

Lost And Found - When Will You Come Through

Lost And Found - When Will You Come Through. The 2nd Single From 1968. The Lost and Found were a Houstin band. They previously called themselves the Misfits. Members were Peter Black guitar and vocals, Jimmy Frost lead guitar and James Harrell on bass. John Kearney of the Spades played with them for a brief time after the Spades had split up in 1965, and they went through a succession of drummers, first Norman Blythe, then Mickey Bishop, and finally Steve Webb.

The Misfits played gigs at Love Street and La Maison where they met the 13th Floor Elevators. The Elevators would have a huge impact on their sound, and their friendship with Roky Erickson and Stacy Sutherland would eventually result in a deal with the International Artists label.

At the start of a 6 month residency at Scott Holtzman's Living Eye in Houston, they became the first Texas group busted for LSD. Jimmy Frost remembers Peter, James and Mickey facing charges, and that one of the reasons the band signed with International Artists was because its owners, Bill Dillard and Noble Ginther, were Attorneys who could represent them with the bust.

Supposedly the charges were dismissed because the drug was not yet illegal! However, the notoriety of the bust led to the name change to the Lost and Found, appropriate in any case for the increasingly psychedelic direction of their music.

George Banks, a friend of the band who took over management of the Misfits, remembers this time differently:

"I spoke with James Harrell, just to confirm what I am about to list. First, the MISFITS was a name Micky Bishop came up with, as it was a group he played with in the Navy. He was the first drummer, and to James' recollection, Kearney never played in the group. After Micky, his younger brother Steve also played drums in the band and as I recall then Webb. There may have been the other fella you mention [Norman Blythe], but I do not know him. We all met the Elevators in Austin, before they played the infamous Jade Room gig, and all remain friends to this day."

"I was maybe a try-to-be manager with the original Misfits, after leaving the military; and then later the Lost and Found, but I also assisted (I'll describe it that way) Euphoria, which you rarely see any info about."

"Euphoria did come into Houston about high times for the Elevators and others of the IA time frame. They were a sizzlin' three piece group. Wesley Watt, David Potter, drums and Pat.. I forget his last name.. on bass (early on, in CA, Pat was with a surf group, pre-Beach Boys, and they were very successful in their locale.)"

"Euphoria and the guys from the Misfits got along quite well and ... through some differences .. all together left for LA, minus Frost, who having married early on and was with their first child, did not travel to CA with everyone else."

"We played around out there got a recording contract. I brought the first release [Hungry Woman / No Me Tomorrow 45 on the Mainstream label] back to Houston and presented it to Larry Kane. It didn't really take off, Euphoria hadn't stuck around town long enough to really develop any notoriety, or following."

"The band in LA went through a lot of emotional changes in part due to the fact that Wesley and David were married (and drugs). The times got tough, to even feed ourselves. James, Pete and I headed back to Houston, the rest kind of picks up with the bust after we had been back a month or two."

"Micky was not included in the bust in '66, it was his younger brother Steve and another fella, a writer, Roger Hamilton (deceased) aka William West, and James. Their arrests were dismissed, we each served 10 year probation sentences."

"I don't believe that the signing with International Artists had anything to do with there being attorneys in the head office. If I am mistaken, well, I don't know every minute detail of all these guys lives, but we did live and recreate together often."

"It was not the notoriety that changed the bands name (I don't think). But having returned from CA and playing with/as Euphoria the group was rejoined with Jimmy Frost. So I felt the absence from and the reunion, as it were, with the whole band, it was .. well .. Lost and Found."

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