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Monday, March 16, 2009

George Kinney Golden Dawn Gig News

George Kinney Golden Dawn

Here's some news about the Golden Dawn gig last Friday from, none other, than George Kinney. I'll try and get that Facebook page address that he is talking about.

From George Kinney Golden Dawn:

Hey everybody, some good news regarding the Golden Dawn. The gig Friday night was awesome, we kicked ass. I was amazed by the enthusiasm of thecrowd. There were over 500 people there, and they were standing during the whole show. It was great, lots of young folks and some old hippies as well. Roky even made the gig and was seen clapping and cheering us on, although hewas not present when I got off stage. All in all a good night. And yesterday, Nancy created a Facebook page for me and uploaded "Think ofTonight" from Texas Medicine on the site. By midnight last night, there had been 224,223 hits on the site worldwideand a few hundred downloads of the song. I think that means I am officiallyfamous. Gotta go, Nancy says I have to get my famous ass up to the store for bread.

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