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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jerry Lightfoot Tribute Montage

I found this Jerry Lightfoot Tribute Montage on Youtube. It's really cool and brought back strong memories. I am adding to this post my original Jerry Lightfoot RIP post from 9/21/2006.
Jerry Lightfoot passed away at 5:17 pm Texas Time the day before yesterday succumbing to head injuries from a fall. He was my friend and a great guitarist. His favorite band was the 'Elevators and his favorite guitarist was Stacy Sutherland. I've been playing a lot of Golden Dawn with Jerry as guitarist today. See his web site here:http://www.jerrylightfoot.com/index.html

Jerry was full of stories about places he had been and people he had known. It all revolved around music. He had hung out on Haight Ashbury in the Sixties and followed the 13th Floor Elevators prior to that. He took the best in concert photographs of the 13th Floor Elevators ever. He was friends with Stacy Sutherland and told a great story about how him and Stacy had stolen a crate of Bull of the Woods LPs from International Artists and they walked along 6th Street with Stacy selling autographed copies for a few bucks each. He sheltered Roky before Rusk and was involved in many benefits to raise money to get him out of there.

Jerry was a fantastic guitarist, just an amazing talent. He had such a great sound and would really wail out and then sound real pretty. He could accentuate a song's emotions with his guitar and make "sad" or "happy" sounds with all kinds of nuances in between. He was a total rocker.

When I met Jerry he didn't know shit about bootleg CD's. He had been listening to the same officially released recordings of his favorites for years. Over time, I made him about 75 bootleg CD's of all his favorites: Moby Grape, Jefferson Airplane, Paul Butterfield, 'Elevators, Grateful Dead, 'Stones, Van Morrison... Jerry was my pal after that. I remember on the way to a Golden Dawn gig in Phoenix Jerry rode with me because everybody was pissed off at him. We listened to a Dr. John with Van Morrison bootleg and rocked out!

He was a real gentleman and a gentle soul as well. We stayed in touch and I enjoyed calling him about once a month. We spoke for over an hour about two weeks ago. He sometimes would just go on and tell all these cool stories. I really, really wanted to interview him and get it down on tape. We talked about doing this. He really told a great yarn.

When we would sign off he always would say: "I love you bro'". I'm going to miss him...


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