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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Amboy Dukes on Sump'n Else!

This is the Amboy Dukes on (I think) Dallas' Sump'n Else TV Show.

Sump’n Else was a live teen dance show that aired during the years 1965 - 1968 on Channel 8 WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas. The program was much like American Bandstand and featured Host - Ron Chapman.

Sump’n Else proved to be an after school staple on Channel 8. It was a huge attraction for area kids who came from all over North Texas to see and be seen on the show. Sump’n Else broadcast live from North Park Center shopping center in a storefront studio that had a soundproof window so shoppers and fans could see the daily goings on.

The last broadcast of Sump’n Else was in January 1968. A reunion show, hosted by Ron Chapman, was broadcast live from the Galleria Dallas shopping mall in Dallas on Sept. 7, 1985, in a simulcast with Channel 8 and KVIL radio.


RokySyd said...

From watching this, it's hard to believe that Ted Nugent turned into such a total tool.

Bud Buschardt said...

Bud Buschardt (author of the book "The Sump'n Else Show") says:
That video is not from Sump'n Else. The song was not on the charts until June of 1968 - about 5 months after Sump'n Else was off the air.