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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jimmy Bird - Original Member of the Golden Dawn Passes

jimmy bird

From George Kinney:

I am very sorry to report that another original Golden Dawn member has passed away. Jimmy Bird, rhythm guitar player and vocalist died at this home in Utah last Saturday evening. We all knew he had been ill for a few years and it finally got the best of him. He died at home surrounded by his loving wife and children. I talked to Jimmy last week and he told me he was ready and that he did not want me to come to Utah to see him off.

Jimmy was always a straightforward, honest man, and fearless in a fight. He sang on the latest Texas Medicine CD and was a true, dear friend of many, many years. He and his daughter, Kady, were members of the new Golden Dawn during the Psych Fest days in Houston and Austin in 2002. We started the band in high school and have been close friends ever since. He was always a model for me as to what a good man should be. I will sure miss him.

1 comment:

RokySyd said...

I'm sorry to hear that George. I always loved Jimmy's pedal steel
communication with the lead guitar in the band. That was a key part of
the sound in my opinion.