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Friday, May 9, 2008


OK people, Kiloh has delivered the goods! I have been working with William Warner to make a few of his photographs of the 13th Floor Elevators available for the very first time. Take a look at this: http://www.wmwarner.com/13-el-prints-offer.html

Amazing. These are direct from the original negatives! These aren’t crappy 9 x 12 glossies but are fabulous 11 x 14 professionally mounted prints signed by the photographer.

One of the prints is a “never seen” shot from the Living Eye in Houston!

Right now, Mr. Warner has 15 of these same prints up on eBay for SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS minimum starting bid. So did Kiloh do right by you? You’re Goddamn right he did!

This is one set of prints at one, low, price. No going: “I only want *that* print.”

Look on the webpage and click the BUY NOW button to purchase electronically.


Anonymous said...

Those photographs are indeed quite beautiful. Fantastic. I wanted to know if I could get a contact email address where I could ask one of you guys who run this amazing blog a quick Roky related question or two. Please let me know!

Thanks so much,


My email address is cmpolo4 at hotmail.com

Matt said...

This is awesome! I especially like the sample photo of them performing at The Living Eye. Tommy's jacket is tight! Haha. i would love to see the rest and take a look at a closeup of Tommy playing his jug - i've always wondered exactly how he went about playing and achieving the effects that the Elevators did. Ahh I must see them all.

The Bomber said...

Uhhh Texas...the land of the golden bands...damn right!!!

Great work, keep it up!