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Monday, June 18, 2007

Roky Erickson at Royal Festival Hall 6/18/07

Posted on Laughing Madcaps Syd Barrett group by:
Avril avrilbradshaw@gmail.com

How can I even describe the pure joy of being at the Meltdown Festivalin London's Royal Festival Hall, on the Southbank of the river(thames) tonight?

For Roky Erickson and the Explosives filled the house tonight... the place loved him, it was heaving by the end, at first people were being told by masses of security staff to sit down,to stop filming... I thought the band were very tight, Cam King wasthe other guitarist, I'm guessing Krc and Collie III (what great names this band have!!) were in the line up tonight.

By the end the place was jumping. I have just witnessed a legend, butnot just that, but having just seen the place where he was incarcerated (in the You Gonna Miss Me video) yesterday, I realisewhat a survivor the man is. He's come back from the brink, probably afew times, but tonight saw him in real good form, as well as goodshape, he's slimmed down a lot from the days of living with his Mom.

He's off meds too, maybe that therapist did do a lot of good afterall.He looked really pleased we all loved him so much. The good news isthat it appeared to have been video taped professionally, hope I getto see this gig again. Hope I see Roky again for real again. Avril


Anonymous said...

You're right, it was absolutely blinding. Could've done with being a tad louder though. Anybody get a recording, or know where one's being torrented - ain't found it online as yet!

... said...
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... said...

It was such a great gig, hearing Roky blast out Bloody Hammer! The crowd loved him. Here was the man that was there at the start! One of the greatest and most original bands ever! It was great hearing the Elevators songs he did play, but for me, hearing stuff from The Evil One was spine-tingling.

Have a read of my review if you get a chance!