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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Challenge to Sumnerd Erickson

I'm listening to Attack of the LP's vol. II right now. It's amazing, direct from IA vinyl that was de-clicked by hand. This is like what? Disc 100+ for the Roky CD Club? And this is the best batch yet! We're giving it away for fucking free too.

The Roky Robber's Roost's record is: one lousy disc. That was the absolute abomination known as Don't Knock The Rok. That was a "Lurkin Special"; dragging Roky's name and career through the muck; a real "screw you" to the fans.

My question to Sumnerd Erickson is this:
You have Roky himself. You have Lurkin. You have all the supposed "cooporation". Why isn't there any music coming out? I mean the Roky CD Club will keep leading the way. We'll keep CARRYING THE TORCH. But, you have all this "cooporation" AND the living artist! What the frig is the matter with you? You can't seen to do anything. And when you do put something out it's an utter piece-of-crap.

My challenge to Sumnerd is to suck it up! Put something worth listening to out. Quit posting your shit on youtube because your shit sucks. Put Roky's stuff out.

I mean, I'm willing to GIVE LESSONS on how to do this. Do you need LESSONS? I'll do this, for the cause.

But this isn't "rocket science" Sumnerd. It's channeling all the supposed "cooporation" that you claim to have.

That's my challenge to you Sumnerd; put out something (by Roky) worth listening to.


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