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Friday, May 18, 2007

Roky Robber's Roost Comes Up Short!

easter everwhere
13th floor elevators
thirteenth floor elevators Recently, the latest stooge for the Roky Robber's Roost has approached the owner of the Easter Everywhere 8-track master and tried to insinuate himself into things. He's some tool named "Paul" who's going to soon be hawking some book around that he wrote. Watch out...

But first, he came off all "wanting to do what's ""right"" for everybody". Then he tried thinly-veiled threats ominnously mentioning "Charly". Lately he is saying that he can "broker" a deal with Charly.

This guy's a tool and he's full of crap. The owner is lucky that he has Kiloh closely advising him on these matters. The price of the Easter Everywhere master is $500,000.00.

Look, we might just release our own version of Easter Everywhere. We have the multi-track master. We'll have fun twiddling the knobs ourselves and put out the "Kiloh Mix" of Easter Everywhere. Maybe we'll call it the "kiss me while I bend over mix". Oh yes, we can do this. We know this.

Charly can't do sheeeeeeeit. And besides they're waaaaaaaay over in Ennnnnnnnnnnngland! Their "Corporate Headquarters" is a mail drop. So we're real scared of pissing them off.

Come up with the half million for the Easter master or shaddap! See pictures of the reels above.

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