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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Biography of Townes Van Zandt

To Live's To Fly by John Kruth (Da Capo, 2007)

Blurbed by Sam Shepard, Steve Earle, Nancy Griffith and (!) Dan Rather, To Live's To Fly is an ambitious examination of the mystery and beauty of the life of Townes Van Zandt. Here's what one reviewer says:

"Kruth has written a solid book — though it's easy to infer from "To Live's to Fly" that he never knew Van Zandt or saw him perform live. Believe it or not, the self-confessed "Yankee Writer" has done his homework. Better yet: He presents the man truthfully, compassionately, in all his genius and gentleness, in all his sorrow and contradiction. Kruth lets us appreciate the artist who wrote like an angel, even as he shows us the gambler and alcoholic, too." - By Brad Buchholz

And, yes, both Roky and the 'Elevators are in the book.

John Kruth, singer-songwriter, poet and writer, earlier tackled the impossible with his 2000 bio of Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Check out his books and his music - he's a good one, you don't want to miss him.

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