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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Roky CD Club has a treatment to use on all Aliens live recordings: the Billy-o-Meter. Says the Leader of the CD Club, “Billy Alienate ruined so many Roky Erickson recordings with his infernal sound. What’s more, on the live recordings he would actually fight Roky for the lead. This is the major reason Roky ditched the Aliens.” The Billy-o-Meter is a combination of various sound processing programs anchored by the Sonic Solutions program. Billy’s sound can be isolated and then treated. The Roky CD Club Leader continues, “We can almost completely remove Billy if we want. There will only be traces of Billy left. But what we do is bring Billy down in the mix to a manageable level. Billy is brought under control and a muzzle placed upon him.” THANK GOD FOR THE ROKY CD CLUB’S BILLY-O-METER!

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