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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Confirmed! Billy Alienate Out of Band!

It has been given to this blog from the highest authority that Billy Alienate is out of the band. Recently, the band has been performing without Billy. When approached, somebody close to the band confirmed that Billy is out. Supposedly, one band member remarked: "Billy has always only been a peripheral member anyway. His contribution isn't essential to our sound. When he began giving us problems well... It was time for him to go."

It is the contention of this blog that Billy Alienate ruined many Roky Erickson songs. His input was worse than nails being scraped along a chalkboard. Additionally, Billy would "fight" Roky for dominance. Really? Billy was always just "the guy that mimicked Tommy". Billy was originally brought on board to simply replicate Tommy's "whooping" sound on the jug. Then Billy tried to have more input and Roky had to get another band.

Billy being ousted has been a long time coming and is well over due.


Anonymous said...

I hope this won't affect the release date for the long-awaited "Don't Knock The Rok, Volume II."

Anonymous said...

Sumner is hard at working making sure that it is up to the quality standards of the previous volume.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it there will be a Limited Collectors' Custom Edition with deluxe packaging. This will include two tin cans and a string.