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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Can somebody help this fan?

trade roky, roky cd clubinferior.planets@gmail.com

inferior . planets @ gmail . com
(remove spaces to mail).

Can some of you help this guy obtain some Roky CD Club titles? He can trade. The Texas Psych group seems to be uncommunicative to him. Can some of you make contact and trade with him? He's got a pretty big list. Help this guy out.

Me? I can't burn any more dudes! I'm burned out! I can't do it any more!

Can can some of you help him?


1 comment:

casimirtheimmortalmonster said...

In case you're reading this, inferior-planets, I emiled you about sending you some CDs. If you still need them, email me at

ronan keane 23 @gmail.com

without the spaces