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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Roky Trust Sends Stooge to Try and Extract Easter Everywhere Master

Recently, there has been a covert effort by the Roky Erickson Trust to extract the Easter Everywhere master from the rightful owner. They send their stooge, Paul Drummond, to try and conduct secret negotiations. Paul is the author of some book about the 13th Floor Elevators that's coming out. He's busy trying to make a buck like all the "trusted" at the Roky Robber's Roost.

Anyway, Drummond did his best to cry broke and talked all this grandiose talk. It all boiled down to they *they* wanted the 8-track submaster to Easter Everywhere for nothing! They were trying to talk their way into it! And they were not above lying through their teeth too. They said that "Walt Andrus" was on board with the project. That's a bald-faced lie.

We will be posting CLOSE UP photographs of the Easter Everywhere masters on this very BLOG soon. Right now, talks are underway with SERIOUS offers, not folks who make us laugh.

Look for the EXCLUSIVE Easter Everywhere master tapes photos soon!

Also look for the Roky CD Club to issue the Easter Everywhere / Bull of the Woods ripped from original International Artists pressings. This will be Attack of the LPs Vol II. Read more about it here:

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