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Friday, March 16, 2007

Iggy Pop Mentions 13th Floor Elevators

13th floor elevators thirteenth
Iggy Pop was recently asked about being snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and he mentions the 13th Floor Elevators:

Austin Chronicle: What's the deal with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Van Halen over the Stooges. Please. I made a rule that the Chronicle won't vote in any more Texans until Doug Sahm and the 13th Floor Elevators get in.

Iggy Pop: I often think about the Elevators when I say to myself, "The Stooges are one of many groups that were good and interesting, and because one of our members stuck around and managed to clean up well, we're getting attention with our music for a second time. But we're not the only ones who deserve that."

As far as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, they're not going to consider it in a certain way. I never really expected it from them. It's run by a very particular group of people. It represents very particular things they want to accomplish, and it's fine if we're not included. I hear about it every time from my friends. I remember Ron [Asheton] telling me we were nominated, and my drummer was excited. And the next thing I know, I imagine myself saying, "Hey Dad, guess what! Your son is in the Hall of Fame!"

Otherwise, I don't have much of an opinion about it. It was just like, "Oh God. Now I have to hear about this every time I do a bloody interview!" [Laughs] But that's fine. One of the things that keeps the Stooges out is that we've never sold a significant amount of records at one time within the boundaries of the USA. That's a common thread in everyone they induct. I rode on an airplane with Sam Moore of Sam & Dave the day after he got in, and he was begging me for a job. He had a hit, but he didn't have a career.

It's just business. It's okay. We've done well, and we have no complaints. But I won't hold my breath waiting for them to give a shit.

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