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Friday, March 23, 2007

Billy Alienate Not Invited to Aliens Reunion

Rumor has it that autoharpist, Billy Alienate, wasn't invited to the Aliens reunion because his playing has deterioriated so badly over the years. Supposedly, Alienate has refused to practice and has lost his chops. Currently, the Aliens are backing Powell St. John on some gigs. When asked an Alien said; "Billy just needs to practice some; maybe take lessons. He can come back when he can contribute." Here's to Billy's journey back; I hope it goes well.


SpongeMan said...

wow that's sad news :-( the Aliens without Billy won't be quite the same, love those autoharp bits!
I have been listening to the Cold Sun LP
quite a bit recently and really dig that too :-)
Here's to Billy getting sorted out soon!

Anonymous said...

That seems a little harsh. No reason they couldn't let him stand on stage. His amp doesn't have to be plugged in or anything like that, or they could keep him down in the mix.