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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New 13th Floor Elevators Live Recording! 1966!

Okay, okay, okay, the latest Roky CD Club effort is ready and boy is it a doozy! As most fans of the 13th Floor Elevators live know, earlier this year a radio broadcast of the band, from the New Orleans Club, surfaced on Youtube. What most don't know is that, when that Youtube video went up, a copy of the raw file was also given to the Roky CD Club! We have been working our magic on it and... here it is! We also combined this NOC broadcast with the other one that we put out earlier to make one, 56 minute, NOC 'Elevators extravaganza!

Download this on both Pirate's Bay & Demonoid:

Http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/11377691 & http://www.demonoid.ph/files/details/3093448/43871432/

The 13th Floor Elevators - 1966-02-22 & 03-16, New Orleans Club, Houston, TX, KAZZ, Pre-FM, 56:14, ROK CD 55

1966-02-22, 26:11

Unknown Source > 2 Channel 44.1k/16-bit FLAC file > iZotope (EQ, gain adjustments, minor edits) > WAV > TLH > FLAC 6 (no SBE)

1) Gloria
2) You're Gonna Miss Me
3) Tried To Hide
4) Roller Coaster
5) You Really Got Me (fades out)


1966-03-16, 30:03

Unknown Source > Mono 44.1k/16-bit FLAC file >  iZotope (EQ, gain adjustments, minor edits, light decrackle for non-vinyl distortion) > WAV > TLH > FLAC 6 (no SBE)

6) Station Introduction
7) The Word
8) Monkey Island
9) Roller Coaster
10) I'm Down
11) Gloria
12) You're Gonna Miss Me (fades out)

A LewsiVer Production

For more information please Visit us at:

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

13th Floor Elevators La Maison Account

13th Floor Elevators La Maison
13th Floor Elevators La Maison
An account of seeing the 13th Floor Elevators La Maison by James Wilson.

August 1965, I left a small Kansas farm town to move to Houston and finish my last year of high school. I enrolled at Bellaire and began to learn the culture. I was thrilled about being in Texas and being in a new school. It was so much different from what I had known. It was intriguing to observe the different groups and trying to learn where I could fit in. Early on, I noticed some of the kids had "La Maison" bumper stickers on their notebooks and cars. Soon, I heard the occasional radio ad for the teen nightclub, no one older than twenty was allowed. Sometime around then I saw a small piece in the paper. A fifteen year old girl was arrested outside La Maison. She had a small amount of marijuana in a match box. I was interested by all this, but not compelled to seek out the place.

13th Floor Elevators La Maison
13th Floor Elevators La Maison
After a while, I became more comfortable and soon became friends with a guy named Chris. It seems funny, but I met him when he took the paperback I was reading and tore it in half. At the time I was pissed about it but we soon became close friends. Chris and I hung out together and he suggested going to La Maison. He told me that it was a really cool place with cool bands and, of course, girls. By the time that we went for the first time, La Maison had relocated from the old church to a former grocery store. The parking lot was on the side with the entrance at the front, just like many other grocery stores of the time. The only windows were at the front and were painted over. Going in the door was nothing special, a lot like places I had been before. A couple of guys were standing behind a counter, checking ID’s and collecting the admission fee. Inside, however, was completely different, a new world.

13th Floor Elevators La Maison
13th Floor Elevators La Maison
When no band was playing a few incandescent lights were on, and I could make out the inside. Everything was painted black, except for colorful florescent designs and sayings painted on the walls. There were black lights everywhere, so the designs on the walls jumped out and people's clothes glowed. There were a couple of mirror balls throwing moving balls of light around the room. From time to time, strobe lights would come on so that it looked like an old, silent film. At the back of the building was a stage and dance area. The jukebox by the entrance played Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" over and over. Very seldom did it play anything else. It probably sounds pretty lame now, but in 1965, it was new, exciting, and I could tell it was the start of something big.

13th Floor Elevators La Maison
13th Floor Elevators La Maison
Walking into that room was something so exciting that I knew that my life would change. The style of the people inside was more than anything that I was familiar with. Everyone had long hair, both guys and girls. Both sexes wore colorful mod type shirts of paisley, flowers, or, polka dots. Lots of polka dots. Everyone had bell bottoms. Not so much jeans, but slack type pants of stripes, checks, and houndstooth. The guys wore Beatle boots and both sexes wore hats, lots of hats. Not ball caps or cowboy hats, but Top hats and big, floppy hats. Incredibly, everyone was cool. I never saw an altercation, a fight, or even a harsh word. These were people who would come to be called Hippies.

13th Floor Elevators La Maison
13th Floor Elevators La Maison
As amazing as this was, it didn't prepare me for what was to come. The bands that I was used to seeing tried to be like the early Beatles, matching suits, stylish shoes, two guitars, bass, and drums, playing faithful covers of Top 40 hits. The 13th Floor Elevators were nothing like that. True, there were two guitars, bass, and drums, but a jug?

Nobody was dressed alike, they weren’t even wearing suits. What I did notice was they all had their pant legs stuffed into the tops of Wellington work boots. Nobody did that. The music was unlike anything I had ever heard. It was loud and brash and even the songs that I recognized didn't sound like the songs I was used to hearing. Blended into the mix of distortion and frenzy was this floating, warbling sound unlike any jug ever.

13th Floor Elevators La Maison
13th Floor Elevators La Maison
Most of all, Roky’s performances were incredible, playing chords on guitar, ripping his vocals, and just wailing on harmonica. He would shake his head and scream into the microphone. I would like to say that I loved the band and music immediately, but I can't. It was so new, and radically different, that I wasn't able to appreciate it at first. As a point of reference, the Beatles had just released “Help”, Simon and Garfunkel were doing “Sounds of Silence”, and the Byrds were doing “Turn, Turn, Turn”. Still, I was fascinated and excited. I wanted to go back for more. I wanted to be a part of that.

13th Floor Elevators La Maison
13th Floor Elevators La Maison
Chris and I became regulars at La Maison, and though the Elevators weren't there every weekend, they were there on a regular basis. Each time that I saw them, my appreciation and understanding of what they were doing, grew. The playing and timing was tight and precise, and improved with every show. Stacy’s lead guitar broke new sounds with every performance. I came to realize that this was an incredible band with a vision of a new style, a way of life, actually. They had absolutely no desire to sound like anyone else. They were The 13th Floor Elevators. When the Elevators played, no body danced. We watched the band perform, tapping our feet in time to the music, appreciating the gift we were being given.  

13th Floor Elevators La Maison
13th Floor Elevators La Maison
One Saturday, about the time we heard that La Maison was closing, I ran into a friend's sister at Sharpstown Mall. The record store there had a lot of hard to find records and she was going there to see if they had a 45 of "You're Gonna Miss Me". It had been released in Austin on a small label. When we got there, the owner told us that International Artists had just reissued it and he had plenty of copies. He also told us that an album would be coming out soon. That album was "Psychedelic Sounds", the first concept album where each song was related to the others. The back cover explained the meaning of each song, a new way of thinking, a new way of life. That was also the album that gave the Elevators a legacy, a legacy that is still being discovered.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

13th Floor Elevators Downfall from Smuggling Marijuana?

13th Floor Elevators
13th Floor Elevators
I have always wondered if the Legend about the Texas Authorities wanting to shut the 'Elevators down was really about their psychedelic message.

An alternative hypothesis:

It is now known that Tommy Hall was smuggling pot from Mexico. In 1964, Stacy had been busted trying to smuggle a pound of grass across the Border. In fact, early in the band's career, Tommy, Clementine and Roky were busted with several pounds of pot and "beat" the charge when the Judge misread the papers, detailing the charges, and sentenced the three to mere Probation because he (the Judge) thought that the amount of marijuana was small.

And, I think, that Tommy (et al) continued the smuggling activity or at least dealing with large amounts of grass if the tale of them dumping out a huge pile of pot, at an IA recording session, is to be believed by Lelan Rogers.

Could the Texas Law Enforcement Authorities have viewed the band as the front for a put smuggling ring? Could the unrelenting pressure have been to "bring down" the band for "beating" the system in the first bust?

Check out the attached newspaper article.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Johnny Winter Studio Spotify Playlist

Johnny Winter
Johnny Winter

Check out this Johnny Winter Studio Playlist on Spotify. It's 187 songs and almost 13 hours long. Great stuff! BTW, I left off all of the local label stuff where Johnny was playing Psych. To me, that's not the true "Johnny" sound. That stuff belongs on the Texas Psych Playlist. This stuff is Progressive Blues Experiment and onward.

Click the image above or click below:


Here's a Player for that list too:

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter from Stacy Sutherland's Mom

Stacy Sutherland
Stacy Sutherland
Almost eleven years ago, the original Roky Erickson / Texas Psych group collected money for a Christmas gift for Stacy Sutherland's mom, Mrs. Sibyl Sutherland. Printed below is her reply back to the group. Mrs. Sutherland is gone now.

Kerrville, Texas
Jan., 2004

Dear Kiloh,

Thank you so much for your kind letter and the monetary gift from your group. You'll never know what a spiritual uplift it was. It makes me so happy to realize that Stacy is still loved and appreciated by others than his own family.

I've always grieved because he didn't get to live long enough to realize his full potential. Now, that I realize the impact that his life had on others, perhaps he did. He was so sensitive and a dreamer and music meant so much to him. He danced to a "different drummer" as Thoreau once wrote. It's wonderful to know, 25 years after his death, people still remember and appreciate him. Just knowing this I weep, joyfully, knowing that he did not live in vain. It proves that music is the "Universal Language" and that the bonds of love are stronger than death.

Please accept our gratitude for the monetary gift but more so for the happiness I feel knowing that Stacy is still loved and appreciated, still alive so to speak. Please convey our feelings for those who remember him so generously here at Christmas; a time so rife with memories of our loved son. I can't express the depths of appreciation I feel for all your group has given us. Without names and addresses, I can't thank each one as I would like to. Will you please tell them for me?

I also appreciate the offer to help with the upkeep of his grave. I kept fresh flowers on it, alive and growing, for years until I could no longer carry 5 gallon cans of water to them all summer. The cemetery mows regularly and a friend put a concrete edging around it. Grey Burney, at Center Point, Texas 78010, is the Manager's address. He would know the plot number. His stone is the nicest one there; he got that much at least! Stacy died at age 32. He would be 54 had he lived. I wish that he knew all this, and perhaps he does! Nothing else would have thrilled him more.

Thank you for your wonderful surprise.

Most sincerely,

Sibyl Sutherland

I'm 89, please overlook errors.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

13th Floor Elevators Avalon 9/30, 10/1 Ticket!

13th Floor Elevators Avalon
13th Floor Elevators Avalon

Get a load of this 13th Floor Elevators ticket, mint, good for admission to a pair of early shows at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. The shows took place September 30 / October 1, 1966, and featured the 13th Floor Elevators & Quicksilver Messenger Service. These were the 28th shows in the Family Dog series. The ticket measures approximately 1 1/2" x 3", and remains in excellent/flawless condition.

13th Floor Elevators Avalon
13th Floor Elevators Avalon

The poster for these shows is one of the most famous of the Psychedelic Era. Art by Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley, image ("Zebra Man") is # 28 in the Family Dog/Avalon series. Image "borrowed" from Life Magazine 1954 cover shot.

The original poster was printed on vellum and measures approximately 14″ x 20″. The notation “The Bindweed Press San Francisco” appears in the lower right corner. There is notable color variation from a true orange to a reddish orange, but all are from the original press run of 2,000 copies.

There is also a very rare original with a green background which was possibly a test run.

The second print poster was printed on vellum and measures approximately 14″ x 20″. The notation “28(2)” appears in the lower left corner and the Bindweed credit appears in the lower right corner. Only 1,000 of this printing were produced.

The third print poster was printed on uncoated index stock and measures approximately 14″ x 20″. This poster has the notation “28( )” in the lower left corner and the Bindweed credit has been deleted.

There is also a reprint made by Capitol Records. This poster carries the notation “28(3)” in the lower left corner.

There are also two forgeries of this poster, both bearing the “San Francisco Poster Co.” credit. One of these forgeries has yellow “zebra” stripes while the other has dark pink stripes.

13th Floor Elevators Avalon
13th Floor Elevators Avalon
The original handbill was printed on thin paper and measures approximately 5″ x 8″. The color of the stripes in these handbills varies considerably from yellow to red, with red being quite rare.

Here is a tracklisting from the 9/30/66 show:

1. Somebody to Love
2. Before You Accuse Me
3. You Don't Know
4. I'm Gonna Love You Too
5. You Really Got Me
6. Splash One (Now I'm Home)
7. Fire Engine
8. Roll Over Beethoven
9. The Word
10. Monkey Island
11. Roller Coaster

Here's a Youtube of 9/30/66:

This recording has been issued under various titles over the years, with the album cover and track listings for each version differing from one another. While this may be frustrating for collectors, what truly matters is that this recording offers a rare peak at the Elevators performing live while they were at their peak.

Below this is another vid that shows a 13th Floor Elevators Avalon 9/30/66 / 10/1/66 poster signed by EVERYBODY except Stacy.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1977 at the Austin Opry House, Roky Erickson. Photographer: Ken Hoge.

Roky Erickson
Roky Erickson

I had to share this, 1977 at the Austin Opry House, Roky Erickson. Photographer: Ken Hoge. This is THE best photo of the Master I have ever seen. Roky Erickson; the Godfather of psychedelic music. Roky had two careers: 1) the Acid Elf with the prototype psychedelic rock group - the 13th Floor Elevators 2) Post Rusk which is completely different and just as interesting.

They say Roky took over 800 acid trips; of the pure stuff. When he performed, he would sometimes wear a band-aid on his forehead to conceal his Third Eye.

During the time of this picture, Roky was helping invent a thing called Punk Rock. Really, Roky always went his own way and the Punkers (sort of ) adopted him. But his single: Red Temple Prayer (2 Headed Dog) beat out the Sex Pistol's God Save the Queen in a Rolling Stone Writer's Poll of best new music.

Really, Roky was inventing Punk/Metal twenty years before it became popular. And when he screamed about demons and evil Psychiatrists it was not some put on like Black Sabbath. Roky LIVED that shit having been committed to a mental hospital for the crimina

lly insane in 1969 for possession of two joints. There, they gave him shock treatment and experimented with drugs on him. He emerged totally changed but still with that musical genius.

Oh yeah, when he gets tired of the Punk/Metal he picks up an acoustic and sings the most heart wrenching love songs and it's like *that* is his major area when he does it. Did I tell you that he did Christian music too?

And when you listen to him sing you are listening to the Greatest White Rock Singer that ever lived. Robert Plant, Mick, Joe Cocker have nothing on him. You need to compare him to James Brown and Little Richard. This is the guy who taught Janis Joplin how to scream.

About eight years ago Roky emerged from almost fifteen years of untreated schizophrenia and began taking medication again. Austin's best musicians, and Austin HAS the best musicians, lined up to play with him. It's been great.

This is a great shot that I have never seen before.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost Review

13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost
13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost

Well, Paul Drummond and Charly Records are at it again with the new 13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost CD and three LP set.

The Texas Psych Group's own Keltie Harding reviewed these discs:

OK, just checked out the "new" 13th Floor Elevators issue from Charly Records. "Live Evolution Lost" features the infamous 1967 Houston Music Hall concert. This release blows chunks. Its from Charly and Paul Drummond worked on it. No surprise there. Its muffled, noise reduction is overused and its in mono. Only redeeming thing about this issue is there's a few more jams that have not been issued before. I've heard fan-mastered versions of the same show in crystal clear stereo. Save your money folks. Why is Charly CONSISTENTLY dropping the ball when it comes to the 13th Floor Elevators?? Half a thumb up for this one, only for the unreleased jamming.

One culprit of poor remastering is NOT looking for the original tapes OR BEST sounding sources. An acquaintance in the ripping community recently did beautiful vinyl rips of Psychedelic Sounds and Easter Everywhere, from the original IA LP's. These blow away anything Charly puts out.

Get a load of the shitty sound:

The Roky CD Club put this recording out, sans the jamming extras, in crystal clear stereo years ago. We did a rip of a Japanese pressing of the boot. Why do you even bother Drummond? Why do you put out such shit?

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

13th Floor Elevators Poster!

13th Floor Elevators Poster
13th Floor Elevators Poster

Dear fans of the 13th Floor Elevators - At long last the commemorative poster, including IMAGES FROM HAND-DRAWN PORTRAITS by Ms. Clementine Hall, is finished! It's a nice 12" x 18" and comes on thick, glossy, stock and is hand signed by Clementine. As an added bonus, this offering will contain the Stacy Sutherland drawing as well! That's right, you get the 'Elevators poster AND the missing Stacy print that makes up the Roky, Tommy, Stacy Holy Trinity. These are a strictly limited edition and will be artist quality copies produced on archival quality stock and individually signed by Ms. Hall. If you ever wanted to own something to remind you of the mighty 'Elevators NOW is your chance.

The price of the print will be $49.00 (postage anywhere in the world included) for one and $74.00 for two.

All proceeds go to Ms. Hall's ongoing financial needs.

Mail checks here:

Clementine Hall
6537 Madrone Drive
Kelseyville, CA 95451

Paypal here:


13th Floor Elevators Poster

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Roky Erickson at Rusk! Roky CD Club #54 is Here!

The Roky CD Club is still presenting the rarest Roky Erickson and 13th Floor Elevators material. Did we also say that it's the best quality as well? Volume #54 is here! This is ultra, ultra, ultra rare stuff from 1974 and 1971 in Rusk State Hospital.



Pirate's Bay:
Pirate's Bay Download:

Demonoid Download:

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